Selected drawings > 2014

 drawn by Jacob Crose
Have you some milk?
watercolor, ink on paper
16" x 18"

Although not something I typically draw, I was honored to be asked to participate in an exhibit, curated by Gavin Rehfeldt, that will be held at Fulton Street Collective (on April 26th, 2014) to coincide with C2E2,celebrating Batman's 75th Anniversary. Here is the April 26th, 2014 article written by Eric Diaz on & the April 20th, 2014 article written by Noah Berlatsky, of the Reader, previewing the show.
Chicago Reader

and also...

I am very proud to announce that my drawing was accepted to be auctioned at the Inspiration Corporation's annual fundraiser One Inspired Evening on February 28th, 2015
One Inspired Evening