• 10-11-17


    Hey, it’s me. I haven’t forgotten you. I’ve been on a self imposed “soft” sabbatical. Whatever that means. Sounds like an excuse for being lazy to me. Well, yes I still have an existential crisis a few times a day. But, I have been planning too. There are so many things I have in the preliminary stages that when I get out of this holding period I will be flying. Seriously.

    FUN FACT: I’m going to the beach today tho.

  • 7-12-17


    Preview WIP Pic, yo. 30% completed

    FUN FACT: today's Itinerary -
    1. coffee
    2. Looking at six condo listings
    3. coffee
    4. coffee
    5. work on my drawing
    6. scotch
    7. brush teeth and go to sleep.

  • 6-16-17


    Well, today I'm going to the beach for the second time this week. I do need to get some drawing done this week though, maybe tomorrow morning (?). Maybe. My drawing is going ok so far. I like the work I've put in. I know where it's going (mostly). I'll try to remember post an image as it gets a little further along. I'm excited about this series. More excited than I've been in some time now. It's not a radical departure, but rather a step in a new direction. I'm not sure that even accurately describes what I'm doing. My goal with this series is to tighten the overarching idea, and still have the subjects of the drawings different enough to be interesting. My last show, it was difficult for the audience, to perhaps, comprehend what unified the works shown. Which is completely understandable. It was a gathering of almost eight years of drawings that had accumulated unsold from previous shows. I joke with some that the show could have been called "the leftovers" because over the years leading up to the show I had sold some of my best drawings. Don't get me wrong, I was very pleased and proud the drawings in my Firecat Projects show, but I learned plenty from that experience and plan on using that information to better my completed work moving forward so that my next show will be on point.

    Anyway, that stream of thought went in an unexpected direction. If you want to see the "leftovers of the leftovers", the unsold work from my Firecat show is currently on display in Damnville(sic), IL, at the Alley Gallery (located in the REAR of Crose Insurance) June 1st - July 8th w/ an "opening"(?) on June 17th. If you are wondering how you have an "Opening" in the middle of the dates the show is on display, I don't know either. That is just how it's done there, I guess. I will not be attending. I will be on the beach.

    FUN FACT: I think we are going to attend the MCASA: Downtown at Sundown, afterhours event tonight. See you there.

  • 5-17-17

    The other day, a couple weeks back, I saw my first lemon tree.

    I've begun my first drawing in the next series recently. In fact, I should be working on it right now. It's my day off from work today. Instead of drawing I've gone to the library, and also, while I was out, brought back some breakfast from the mission. The burritos were delicious, the books are helpful in my way forward. Never fear, I'll be sitting at my drawing table soon enough.

    My job requires a lot of standing and walking (among other things). According to my popular phone app, I'm walking around 10-12 miles a day. It is a definite perk. Anyone familiar with me knows that I enjoy walking. I would take morning walks daily when we lived in Chicago. Even at home, I find myself pacing back in forth while trying to think through a problem. My work clothes have been fitting a little looser. Our scale in our bathroom confirmed that I've lost four pounds since I began my employment. I attributed it to the increase in miles I've been moving, but my wife keenly pointed out that I have been drinking much much less than I had previous to this past month, and that may also have something to do with it. She is pretty observant, as I hadn't even noticed. The level of scotch, in the bottle, on the cart, has remained at virtually the same level for longer than it usually does, that is for sure.

    FUN FACT: I continually forget that I live in California. Until now, I have lived in Illinois my entire life. When I was walking from the bus to the location that I work, I thought about that lemon tree. It put a huge smile across my face.

  • 5-3-17

    Ahoy ahoy. So, I purchased a bicycle recently and quickly realized that I am out of shape. I'm sure riding will get easier the more I do it. The bike I bought is only a single speed cruiser. Going up 5th Ave. took time. What else can I say?

    FUN FACT: We took a beach day yesterday. I was reading Buckaroo Banzai by Earl Mac Rauch. Now I look like I fell asleep in a tanning bed. And, this morning I got a haircut before work.

  • 4-2-17

    Good Afternoon to all of my fans out there. I assume It is the afternoon on whatever day you happen to be reading this. If not , perhaps pause here and pick it up at a later time (say 1ish-4:45?). Or, continue reading at your own risk, I suppose.

    The other day, last Thursday to be exact, I had the pleasure of re-watching both Anne and The King and I. Neither of which I felt held up very well to my memory of them. I still enjoyed the songs and music, and the performances were really good, but the acting not so much. Anne felt way too rushed and The King and I had a very unsatisfactory ending. I did manage to come up with what I think would make a particularly interesting sequel.

    So, as you already know, the king dies at the end of the show. The eldest son, the young prince, becomes the new king. And, Anna decides to remain in Siam after all, sending her child of probably around 13 to fetch their belongings back off of the boat that was ready at the docks to return them to England. Well, what if the son disobeys his mother, and instead of removing their belongings from the ship, he climbs aboard and convinces the captain that his mother has decided to send him back alone? Through out the movie we know that the child doesn't like it in Siam or the people there. Plus he is rarly even seen after the first act, as Anna is tasked with teaching the children and dealing with the King. It appears that the newly crowned prince is a bit more progressive, much to the chagrin of the king. He even blames Anna for this right before he dies. In my, as yet unnamed sequel, the new King is in fact more progressive and appoints Anna as a close adviser, which she outwardly humbly, but inward eagerly accepts. Years go by and we see changes in Siam but not all for the good. The zeolites who oppose the changes made to their culture blame the new king and Anna for making the country immoral, and after several failed attempts manage to assainate the King. Anna, after many years of being the close adviser to the king has realized that the changes made over the years was a failed experiment and she seize power over Siam becoming it's Empress. Anna's son Louis finally returns to Siam as an Ambassador from England and reunites with his mother, just to see her changed into an unrecognizable dictator. That's all I got so far. Plus, I'll need to throw in a few melodies here and there.

    What else, what else? Oh, I know, I got a library card.

    FUN FACT: yesterday was our cats birthday. She is 10 years old. And no, none of these facts are combinations to any passwords I may have. You wacky Russian hackers.

  • 3-19-17

    Well, the other day a gentleman who works in our building told me that he almost didn't recognize me without my hat. Now before moving to Southern California it was recommended that not only should I wear sunscreen daily, I should also wear a hat. So I did. I don't mind being thought of as the strange guy with the weird mustache, but I draw a line at "the hat guy". Nope. Hats are a function. period.

    Yes you heard correctly, if you were paying attention. We are now California residents. For about 8 days now actually. It already seems longer. The weather has been 65-75 and sunny every day. We are mostly settled. We need to get a couch as we are still sitting in fold up camping chairs at the moment. And, eventually I'll need to replace my drawing table that didn't make the move from Chicago so I can begin my next series of drawings. I've been making notes in my sketch book for future drawings and taking a few photos to remind myself of some color palettes I'd like to use. That's about it for now though.

    Our cat "Family Princess Kitty Cat" is beginning to adjust. The first few days were difficult. She had never flown on a plane before and we have never flown with a cat before, so that was stressful for everyone, but she has been doing some exploring in our new home and doing much better.

    Now you know everything I do. Consider yourself up to date, mom.

    Fun Fact: This song dedication goes out to my amazing partner. She is fantastic, she deserves credit for being my better across every category, and I love her so very much. She is my everything, and I just can't get enough.

  • 3-2-17

    With just a small fraction of hyperbole, you could conquer the universe.

  • 1-25-17

    We are moving to California in the very near future. A couple of days ago I walked up to the Chicago Diner. One of my favorite places to eat. I had the Radical Reuben. As a vegetarian it's hard to get a meal with sauerkraut. It's also hard to find a veggie reuben. If that's your thing, try theirs.

    Tonight, we are going to the Field Museum for some after hours beer event. Tomorrow, I'm renting a van and picking up my drawings from Firecat and driving them to Danville, IL, to be placed on display there. I hate driving.

    It's cold here in Chicago, but not cold enough for snow, so it's just been raining for weeks. The only exception was last Saturday, it was nice for the Women's March. By Sunday it was foggy and rainy again.

    I can't wait until we live in Southern California. I ordered prescription sunglasses.

    FUN FACT: I've eaten so many donuts this past month...sooo many.

  • 1-24-17

    The Crown needs more cybermen

    FUN FACT: plus a few Daleks, maybe

  • 1-15-17

    I think I'm having an Artist Talk on Sunday, January 22nd @ 6:00 @ Firecat Projects!

    : ***Update: nope

  • 1-10-17

    Last night we returned from a long weekend trip to San Diego, CA. Coming from the airport, the driver let me out near the place our cat was being boarded while we were gone. She was over due for her annual check up and shots, so I didn't feel quite as guilty leaving her with the vet while we were gone. I missed her terribly though. I'm pretty sure she missed us too. She has been wallering me continually whenever I sit or lay. Last night she made it a challenge to sleep, but all day travel exhaustion won out and I managed a few hours between pouncings.

    Today it is raining here in Chicago. I needed to get a couple of house keys made, so I walked 3 miles up the street to a locksmith shop. I stopped half way and got a fritter and a hot chocolate to consume in route. After I got the keys I decided to head back a different path down Halsted, past some old memories that aren't there any longer. My head was down because of the rain, I was listening to a podcast, when I looked up, I didn't know where I was. I didn't recognize anything. I could have checked maps on my phone, but I was a little embarrassed. No one else knew I was lost, but I've lived in the city for a decade, I know my way around, so I kept walking the direction I assumed was south. I knew for sure I was definitely not where I thought I should be. Turns out I was still on Halsted and not Lincoln (or Wells for that matter) which I was certain I had turned on near Fullerton. So I turned east and made my way over to Wells, then hung a left and went back up the street and bought a succulent. From there I returned home. 6.3 miles total, according to my phone.

    Neither of the house keys I had made worked when I tried them in the lock after I got home. At least I got a donut.

    We signed a lease while we were in San Diego. We'll be living in California permanently in a couple of months.

    FUN FACT: I posted the photographs from my opening on my website here. They were taken by Mariah Karson , she is the best!

    **UPDATE** I got keys that worked, crisis averted

  • 1-2-17

    Using the multi-universe hypothesis, there is a world out there where Leslie Nielsen and Liam Neeson star in the other's movies. "I am serious, and don't call me Shirley"

  • 12-31-16

    Well, my opening at Firecat Projects went fantastic. I am very pleased with the turnout. The entire evening went smoothly. I want to thank everyone who came by the gallery last night to see my work. I am pretty exhausted and I can all but guarantee I won't see midnight tonight. I don't know abut you, but I'm ready for 2017 already.

    FUN FACT: Today is my final day using social media. I'll be updating here on my website more often. At least that is the plan anyway.

  • 12-30-16

    Today is the day. I've been meaning to update as it got closer to the date of my opening but I just never made time. sorry about that .

    Here is the link to the tutorial video for (((Arresting Sasquatch))), my board game prototype that will debut at my opening.

    FUN FACT: I didn't sleep much last night

  • 12-14-16

    here is a link to the facebook event page for my opening As it turns out, I'm disintegrating, and it's making me lazy

  • 12-8-16


    If you are in Chicago on December 30th between 7-10pm, swing on by.

  • 12-6-16

    It's 1:30am. I'm usually a pretty good sleeper. I even went to bed and fell asleep fairly early. There are too many topics rattling around in my head right now. Excitement (anxiety) for my upcoming show is starting to chip away the facade of my typical nonchalant shrug, turning it into a nervous tic. I discribed my emotions earlier this evening to a friend, that it is as if I'm experiencing the stress of someone with vertigo feeling compelled to leap off of a ledge even though they are petrified of heights. It is real, although I'm aware of how irrational I'm behaving.
    Logistically, I'm in pretty good shape. Most of my drawings are framed. And, it's true, I didn't get around to sculpting my game pieces for my board game, I have temporary substitutes that will fill in nicely. This version of "Deluxe - Arresting Sasquatch" is only a prototype. It won't be ready to hit shelves until Christmas 2018 anyway.
    My point is, I should feel ok, I'm prepared. I need to take a deep breath and focus. Everything will be fine. I'm cool.

    Alright, I'm going back to sleep. Good talk, thanks for listening.

    FUN FACT: well the weather has finally turned cold here in Chicago, and last Sunday it significantly snowed for the first time this season. This week I've been having flashbacks to being in Miami during Art Basel several years back. Drinking mojitos.

  • 9-19-16

    When some time passes between posting here on my website, I tend to look back and read the previous entry or two and try to figure out how long it's been and attempt to remember what I've been up to since then. It's been around four months. I chuckled at the last post I made while reading it just now. Jesus, I'm dramatic sometimes.
    As to what I've been up to since May?... I can't remember. I went to Colorado at some point, but I don't recall when that was exactly. It was a lot of fun though. I've been working on my show preparation for December 30th. I purchased some frames and they have arrived. And, My board game/diorama is coming along. I'm trying my hand at making miniature game pieces for it. We shall see how that goes. I've never been much of a sculptor, especially tiny sculptures.
    I wish I could think of something cool that I could tell you about, but it has been pretty routine around here. The months have been flying by so quickly. I can't tell you how many times I've sat down to type something out here and changed my mind. I think that will change as my show gets closer.
    Also, I've announced on FB that I'm going off of all social media as of January 1st. This website will be my only outlet. We shall see how long it lasts, but I'm pretty rock solid on my convictions. I'll probably still keep my tumblr blogs until I can figure out a way to integrate them here. Ending my social networks presence is just a personal decision. It is absolutely no judgement on anyone else or a condemnation of networks as a whole. I still use Facebook currently, but I really never use my twitter, instagram, Google+ (lol), Ello (lol x2), and I really barely snapchat either these days. So, it shouldn't be too difficult. Facebook is nice because that is where I get the bulk of my news and Events notifications on gallery openings and such. But, it is such an echo chamber that I have created. I only have around 130ish current facebook "friends" anyway after my last purge. This probably makes me sound really old. Well, I'm 40, so you shouldn't listen to me anyway. Do what's right for you, yo.

    FUN FACT: I'm trying to give up Nihilism for Stoicism. I'll keep you posted on my progress.

  • 5-17-16

    Thank you for your patients.
    I'll be posting my new drawing soon (within the next week or so). It's always hard for me to decide on a stop point, but I'm pretty sure it is close. I'm ready to move on, sometimes that makes it hard for me to finish the current one.

    What else is new?, hmmmmm. We were in Southern California again awhile back. That was a nice trip. Warm, sunshine, sunburn, we walked around 40 miles while we were out there, drank some cocktails, and had my share of fish tacos. That checks every box on what I consider a prefect vacation.

    My mood has been a little disgruntled lately. I'm not sure why. I've just felt a little on edge. Small things bother me more than they should. I'd blame the weather, but that is too easy. I noticed it starting last week, so I'm going to try and be self aware and not let it overflow on to others anymore than it already has. We have a busy week and I really need to be on my best behavior. I just can't find joy. There is no reason for me to feel this way. I don't know. I'll pretend. The Premier League season is over. That won't help.

    FUN FACT: I have never seen the television show Smallville. I don't watch Agents of Shield, or Arrow or Flash, and I have only seen the 1st episode of Gotham, BUT, I am really loving the show DC Legends. I can only explain it as a guilty pleasure. It is ridiculous, and I'm pretty sure that it is aware of just how ridiculous it is. I love time travel pop culture. I also hate time travel pop culture because it is never done smartly. DC Legends is a silly show with poor writing and over the top acting, with a stupid name. It is a show that I can't figure out how it was even made, but I am glad that it is.

  • 4-5-16

    Progress is still being made on my current drawing. I think it's going well. Shouldn't be much longer now. I ordered a small print run of some postcard for my show in December that I designed through some discount website. They turned out ok. Useable anyway. I'll probably tinker with them a little and order more to distribute for promotion, eventually.
    I've made a plan for my next drawing, to keep me motivated. I've donated drawings to the Inspiration Corporation the last two years. Both times, the work that I've donated were pieces that I have already had, that I thought were suitable for a charity auction. They were not made specifically for the event. My next drawing will be for next years submission for the juried auction. I'll hang it in my FireCat show and it will serve a duel purpose. It will be work on the wall that I can display proudly, and it will already be framed and ready to go if it gets selected for the auction. Anyway, that's the plan.
    First finish this drawing, then start that one.

    FUN FACT: Early April in Chicago It's snowed twice in the last four days. It's suppose snow again later in the week. Typical. I'm cold (if you are playing at home, every time I complain about the weather, take a drink) and I can't seem to warm up. I've been ordering a Black Eye when I pitstop on my morning hikes. I can't tell if they are working. I'm usually the last to know. They are warm at least.

  • 3-24-16


    There was a time in my life, growing up in rural, east-central Illinois, that I wanted to move to Alaska. Mainly, most likely, because of the television show Northern Exposure, because it seemed ,at the time, that it was the farthest place from Bismarck, IL (and it felt like a neat kind of weird). Everyone I told (who cared) would tell me that it was too far. That was exactly what I wanted. As I matured, and was influenced by other media, New York seemed the coast to drift toward. I made it as far as Chicago after college. Don't get me wrong, I love Chicago, and everyone here. The thing I realized recently is that I'm cold, and I don't like it. I'm 40 now. I don't want to be cold anymore.

    We first went to San Diego, California in 2010. July. We drove from the branch of the Contemporary Art Museum in La Jolla (65 degrees) to Palm Springs (116 in the shade). I fell in love. We have been back to southern CA 4 or 5 times since. Last time was in February, next time will be in a month. I can't wait.

    It's snowing here in Chicago tonight. It rained all morning.

    I have been feeling constricted lately. I coined the phrase a long time ago, "Bored and Lazy", "I'm bored, but I'm too lazy to do anything about it". I've been told that that is a misrepresentation of my character. They would know better than me, I suppose. My strength is that with momentum I can preform. Recently, I saw a meme that featured an image of Chuck Close and had a quote about inspiration being for amateurs, and the rest just get up and get to work (or something like that). I can respect that, even if it doesn't compute with how my mind works. Sometimes I need to be rolled down hill to get started. Also, I need to coast through some Stop signs in order not to stall out. In contrast, I'm all too happy to be propped up in the corner during a party, as well.

    I had a recent conversation with a person who took a personality profile test at/for work. I think personality test are bullshit. That is probably exactly what my results would reveal. I understand that there are different personalities, that is not with what my issues lie. I think these test are too narrow. Instead of one box, you now have the choice of four. Come on. I've also been diagnosed as an "I", whatever that means.

    Anyway, what were we talking about?... doesn't matter. I'm sure it was boring anyway.

    FUN FACT: I need to finish this fucking drawing. somebody, roll me down hill.

  • 3-22-16

    Well, my computer is working again. Oh, you didn't know I was having computer problems? Yes, I was getting the grey screen. Then, after some trouble shooting, I started getting the blue screen. That's when, after two weeks, I decided to take it in and get it fixed by the professionals. So far, so good.

    Let's see, what's new?... Last weekend we attended One Inspired Evening, an annual fundraiser Art Auction, for the Inspiration Corporation. I donated a drawing again this year to be juried into the auction. It was a fun evening, my piece received 37 bids. I always get a little nervous going into these situations. Afraid no one will want it. Perhaps, because it's for charity, it makes me even more anxious. I would feel a heightened since of embarrassment. It went fine.
    I'm also not the best socializer. The event was Cocktail Attire, and I've been trying to update my wardrobe so that I can blend in by following the proper dress codes (I also just got a tuxedo made for a black tie event in May). I think it worked out. There was live music, which was ok, but with my poor hearing, I had difficulty keeping up with the few conversations that I attempted. I ultimately resorted to smiling and nodding, oblivious to what was being said.

    In other news, I am still trying to finish my current drawing. It doesn't have much further to go. So if I can buckle down, I should be able to finish it in the near future. Also, I'm thinking of creating a second prototype for my board game to have in my solo show at FireCat Projects in December. We shall see. I'm not making any promises.


    FUN FACT: I'm cold. It might be because I just drank a smoothy. A hot cup of tea will cure that.

  • 1-14-16

    Today's weather report...better. Actually, when I was in the elevator this morning, a man in our building suggested that it almost felt like spring. The temperature was only 28 degrees, but considering the past few days this week, it did feel pretty good outside. I do not like being cold.

    Not much else to report today. I got some drawing done, in between loads of laundry. I ate leftover Chinese food and some scrambled eggs for lunch. That is really about it. Oh, I locked myself out of our condo. Yeah, I'm an idiot.

    FUN FACT: I am finalizing my itinerary for Frozen Dead Guy Days in March. If you will also be there, and are searching me out, I'll be the one in the tuxedo, with the Jacob C. name tag and the Jacob's Brand New Beer Critic Blog Press Pass around his neck.

    UPDATED: I didn't go to Frozen Dead Guy Days. sorry

  • 1-13-16

    So I'm finally getting around to watching Alejandro Jodorowsky's El Topo. I'm also starting to read his book Psychomagic. Both lent to me by good friends. A while back we also watched Holy Mountain. There are so many influences I wish I had growing up. His movies are of course fascinating.

    I consider myself a skeptic who is drawn toward the bizarre. I'm not sure if that last statement made any sense. Ok, it's like this...I don't believe in big foot or flying sauces, ghost or angles, magic or psychics, god or pseudoscience of any kind, BUT, I do really love reading stories, or watching movies, or listening to podcast, about that stuff. It entertains me to no end. It also has a huge influence on my art. Maybe not directly, but I am an old SciFi and old Horror fan. I love supernatural stories, and I love the fantasy aspects of their themes, especially when psychology and/or philosophy is infused. I wish I had had more of an appreciation of Dada as a youth. Or, even someone to mentor me in absurdness would have been a huge benefit in my life.

    Well, lunch time tuna sandwich is consumed. Time make a cup of tea and get back to work.

    FUN FACT: Yup, it's still fucking cold out. The only positive is low temperature helps further my other passion in life...My blog, We Found Your Glove

  • 1-12-16

    I had to wash my only pair of long underwear last night because it is colder (as cold with considerably more wind) today, than it was yesterday. I didn't take my usual morning hike. I came back home, warmed up the rest of the leftover pizza in the oven, and made an expresso.

    My next drawing has begun. When finished, it will be of a tin toy rocket ship as the subject. I already have the text worked out (mostly).

    The last drawing (the pineapple drawing) nearly ended me. If I can be overly dramatic for a second, I would say that it actually scared me. I couldn't figure out how to finish it, or why I even was so excited about starting it, but I was. I was really really excited about drawing a pineapple. Maybe I figured that it would all work out in process. It didn't. The analogy I'm going to use is...It's as if I'm driving along in a car, and all of the sudden the emergency brake engages, and I can't find the lever to release it, the car screeches to a halt. The car is still running, but refuses to move.

    For months I would stare at the half drawn pineapple. I really like the work I had put in up to that point, I just couldn't figure out how to make it the least bit interesting. I stalled out. I couldn't put it away, I didn't want to. This is the third time this has happened to me in the last two years. I hate that feeling. I should have just put it aside and started a new drawing, but I was afraid that it would just happen again half way through the next one. I needed to find a fix for the pineapple or just give up art forever and pursue my dream of becoming a donut maker (or President of the Field Museum). It's stupid thinking about never drawing again, but I get so depressed sometimes. I feel like anything has to be better than this. Again, that is stupid. I am an artist, I get inspired, and I create, repeat. For me, it's just not that easy. Please, don't misunderstand, I'm not suggesting that I have a difficult life. Very far from it. Drawing is important to me. I love doing it. Except when I don't, when I get stuck, I feel useless to humanity.

    I am finally satisfied with the result of the pineapple drawing. I could have easily ripped it in half and been done with it (I've done it before). Instead, because I liked the work I put in, I decided that the drawing was finished. By explaining in the text that I refused to continue working on it, it became far more interesting to me than just a boring drawing of a piece of fruit. I had a break down, and I discovered the only thing that would help, was to give the audience an inside glimpse in my mind, describing my failure to proceed, that I had lost my way. As a result, the piece transformed into personal psychological confession.

    My solo show at Firecat Projects is in a little over 11 months. December 30th is the opening. I'm nervous. Very nervous. I like to pretend that I am a cool laid back guy. I am (sometimes) really really good at pretending. Really good. The truth is the last handful of years I have avoided stressful situations. I pretend to be carefree, but it's so easy to do when you just drift down stream, letting the current make all of the decisions for you.

    FUN FACT: I'll be washing my long underwear again tonight.

  • 1-11-16

    Hey, I'M BACK BABY!
    For now, at least. Let's see, what have I been up to for the last 4 months? Hmmmmm. Well...not much actually. I've been blocked. Severely.

    I've eaten quite a bit of donuts and pizza (in fact I am eating leftover pizza as I'm writing this). I did some traveling. We went to Mexico. I saw some Mayan ruins at Tulum (that was the highlight). Lots of iguanas there, thousands of them.
    What else?... I've been reading more old detective novels. Mostly by Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett. huh.

    Did I take mushrooms and watch Jurassic World?, I seriously doubt it. Did I drink too much wine and throw up on my shiny white Adidas Stan Smith tennis shoes on NewYear's eve? NO. Absolutely not. Instead, I Threw up wine on my Stan Smith's the weekend BEFORE New Year's. I also didn't see the movie the Martian, nor did I see the new James Bond movie (whatever it's called). I did see the Star Wars movie though. So did you. Or, you didn't, and you really couldn't give a shit. Either way is fine by me.

    Oh!!! I am now the proud owner of a Nespresso machine (damn that Clooney is a hell of a salesman). Actually, they had one in our hotel room in Mexico. The maid kept refilling the pods, so of corse I drank like 10 a day. It actually evened me out, because I also drank around 10 cervezas daily as well. So I ordered one when we got home.

    And, I got a robe! so I've been getting dressed less and less these days.

    That just about sums up everything. Well, not everything, but you don't want to hear about that stuff.

    FUN FACT: It finally turned cold here in Chicago. Today's Mustache flavor is...Snotsicle.

  • 9-4-15

    The pineapple is fully sketched in pencil. I'm in the process of of inking the dark areas before I begin painting. I took a little longer to add plenty of lines so that the coloring goes as smoothly as possible. Currently the pineapple resides on the left side of a full sheet of large print paper (landscape). I may divide the paper in two by drawing a pencil line down the middle and create a diptych of sorts, only have two drawings butted up to each other on the same paper. Painting should begin next week, I suppose.

    Ok, enough with the boring stuff.
    So, I've been catching up with the David Lynch movies. Lately I've watched Mulholland Drive, Blue Velvet, and Eraser Head. At night, I've been reading old detective novels (The Thin Man, The Maltese Falcon, and Farewell, My Lovely). I was reading some H.P. Lovecraft short stories, but I had my fill. During the day I have been enjoying, but slowly, reading my friends copy of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. A book I wish I read it 25 years ago. It probably would have had quite an impact on me when I was 15. oh well, better late than never, right?
    Hmmmm, what else? I don't know, that's about all I can think of I guess. OH! I'm still thinking daily about creating a board game, but haven't made much progress on that. I have some ideas, but they aren't worth a damn so far.

    FUN FACT: While I'm typing this, I'm watching The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, and drinking rum. Friday night!

  • 8-16-15

    Quick update. I've begun my pineapple drawing. I hope I didn't overreach. I'm not the most confident person, but I felt good leading up to starting this drawing. I am realizing that it will take me longer than I thought it would. As always, patients in getting the result that I intend is the challenge. Keeping focused on the micro to insure the macro in the end fits in line with accomplishing my goal.

    Something I discovered about myself when I was long distance running was, if doubt crept in, then I was doomed. I need constant self-reassurance that I can finish. I finished every race I entered. I never cared how long it took me, my pace was never a concern. My goal was finishing. I would train my ass off to insure that was never in doubt.
    Jesus, I sound like a self help lecturer. barf.

    FUN FACT: Premier League is in it's third week. Man City vs. Chelsea starts in 15 minutes. bye.

  • 7-30-15

    I haven't "officially" started my next drawing yet. I am fairly certain that it will involve a pineapple. Then the next questions are...

    1. how complex do I want my concept to be?
    a. a larger composition will allow me to say more visually.
    b. a larger composition will take longer and need more attention and focus.
    c. a smaller composition will less likely bore me half way through.
    d. is it better to combine (or converge) multiple paths in one piece, or keep my ideas separate in smaller drawings, that when together in the same room relate?

    2. is the cold medicine I've been taking affecting my clarity in a way that none of this will make any sense in a day or two when I reread it?
    a. yes, you read that correctly, I have a summer cold.
    b. I believe I'm on the mend, and no longer wish to take night time cold medicine.
    c. there has been little to no progress on my next drawing because my mind is in such a dense fog.

    3. I'm hungry. I'll probably reheat the leftover falafel's from last night because they tasted pretty good, and I'm lazy.
    a. I think there is hummas left too.
    b. that's not how you spell hummus. why do all vowels sound the same to me?

    FUN FACT: We finished watching TWIN PEAKS for the 1000th time. My wife and I watched it when it first aired on television when we were dating, so it's always pretty special to us. The crazy part is, I forget so much after the Bob reveal. I know Billy Zane (with his luscious head of hair and full lipped smile) shows up at the end for really no reason. Plus, Heather Graham and David Duchovny. Anyway, the finale makes up for that which directly proceeds it. Good stuff.

  • 7-23-15

    No more apologies. Ok, one more. But, this one will blanket all future tardiness from posting here in the ole Beet Eater. Sorry.

    I wrapped up working on the space adventure robot drawing you can check it out here.

    Up next, well I don't know, maybe a pineapple? maybe?

    FUN FACT: Part of my excuse for the delay of the completing this last drawing is that I've had rattling around in my brain inventing a board game. Mostly inspired by the Bob's Burger episode where the kids end up at Aunt Gale's house and play a game that Gale created named Gale Force Winds! So, I've written up every idea I could possibly come up with, and searched the world-wide-web for anything that would help me achieve this goal. It was quite a rabbit hole I fell into. So far all I've accomplished is wasting time that should have been spent on achieving more important goals, but it's been fun so far... and more challenging than I imagined.

  • 6-24-15

    WHAT? WHAT?!?
    Hey, well, ok, what have I been up to? Let's see, I've been working on my drawing this week pretty steadily. The prior two weeks were a challenge. We have had people in and out of here (home/studio) doing some handy work and making deliveries, and estimating for future work. It is difficult for me to get work done with constant interruptions, especially when no one shows up on time. A minor inconvenience, but it does give me plenty of excuses to not have my drawing done on schedule.

    Anyway, you can see my progress here, and here

    In other news...Last weekend I sat with several hundred other Chicago artist on the steps of the Museum of Contemporary Art for a group portrait organized by Jason Lazarus. I'll post a link to the photograph when it makes its way online soon. The weather could not have been more perfect. Here in Chicago, it's a crap shoot, no matter what time of year.

    Well my tea is done, and I should get back to work. Hopefully next we talk, my latest drawing will be near complete.

    FUN FACT: I don't know if you have been watching the World Cup up in Canada (I assume you have), but man, that Japanese team is next level. Offense and defense both are amazingly fine tuned. They are a real pleasure to watch.

  • 5-13-15

    Hey! Yes I know it's been almost two weeks since you have heard, what you imagine my voice sounds like, while you are reading this. Sorry. I have had really good intentions though.
    Ok, so I've made some progress on my current drawing, that you can see here and here. Maybe not as much as I'd like, but when I'm away from my table, I'm still concentrating on what exactly I want to convey. Based on the preview "in process" pics, you will never guess. And, you'll probably hate it, but either way, I'm really falling in love with this drawing, so I hope those of you who may align with my very specific brand of bizarre, may enjoy it as much as I do. But, since I personalize my drawings I do understand that that is unlikely. Which is fine too. Not that you need me to affirm that.

    Anyway, what else? hmmm. I've been mentally drifting toward my next drawing. Which is always dangerous, and I've been really thinking about my upcoming solo show (ha!, it's 17 months away), and all of the customizing I can do with the space. I just hope someone comes to see it. November 2016!!!

    Also, is anyone watching the World Cup up in Canada? It's been pretty amazing so far. Last night's matches were great. America drew with Sweden (cool...cool), but the late game Japan vs. Cameroon, WOW, Japan has really got it together. I feel like they may be the team to beat (of corse they are the defending Champions) Germany scoring 10 goals in there first match is serous too.

    Well I don't know much else. I need to get some work done, so I'd better get to it.

    FUN FACT: I'm drinking a beer as I'm typing this (Left Hand Nitro Milk Stout 17/17 STARS) while listening to Jamie xx (that a good friend told me to get, (thank you Dr. Green)), and I have had so many spelling mistakes, and they are so bad that even spell check is like "fuck, I have no idea what the hell you are trying to spell here, so I have zero suggestions". I hope this is combrehemdible.

  • 6-1-15

    I didn't make it out to any of the openings this past weekend. I did manage to get extra work on my current drawing. You can see my initial sketching here & here. I started it on a full size sheet of paper, as you can see, but the final piece will be cropped down once the drawing is more complete. There are a few more lines that need added, then the painting on the first image will begin (hopefully today).

    I had a cup of tea and two cups of coffee this morning and while out on my 8 mile hike my mind was in fast forward. The podcast I was listening to will need to have a re-listening to, because I discovered about 20 mins in that my brian was drifting in so many different directions that I had not retained a single word exiting my headphones. I really get excited during those moments of inspiration. It's hard to stay focused on a single concept. I tried to write down as many as I could remember.

    Anyway, more tea is currently over steeping and I need to get back to drawing.

    FUN FACT: So CAKE is this weekend, but also I'm hoping to attend Hot for O.S. at Cobalt Studios & work by Tony Fitzpatrick and Tim Anderson at AdventureLand Gallery

  • 5-29-15

    Work has begun!!!
    This week I've been doing my preliminary work in preparation for my next drawing. That includes - cleaning up my work space, making small sketches to figure out composition and arranging images, writing lines of text, and assigning size to the work. So far, so good. I think I have it mostly worked out. Right now, at the start, I'm pretty excited about beginning this piece.

    There are a couple of art shows tonight that I really want to get to. They have been on the calendar for a while. I'm not good at remembering what day of the week I'm currently living in, and Memorial Day caused Tuesday to feel like Monday. Plus for some reason yesterday (Thursday) felt like Friday all day. I was convinced that today should be Saturday. If I don't make it tonight, it's only because I should be working on my own work. Next weekend is just as busy with gallery openings. Does anybody else feel guilty about not attending an opening that you've been looking forward to? I have a reoccurring vision that no one will show up to my opening because of something trivial or unforeseen, like the weather, or a shitty television show.

    Anyway, I enjoy going to openings and seeing new work. I'm horrible at socializing and networking. Although, there are people I really enjoy seeing and visiting with.

    FUN FACT: I just ordered (from cyber space, because I couldn't find it locally) a Rogue Sriracha Hot Stout Beer, from Rogue Ales, in Newport, OR. I'll let you know what I think once it arrives, and is consumed.
    **UPDATE** Rogue cancelled my online order. Apparently they only ship to WA & CA. Looks like I'm going to Washington.

  • 5-21-15

    Guys and Gals!!!

    Well, yesterday I finished my first drawing of the year. It felt pretty good, until I remembered that it is the ass end of May and I've only completed #1. I did start a drawing a few months ago that I put aside to start this one, but that only brings the count to one and a half. The next drawing begins tomorrow. Today will be clean up day. I need to straighten up my workspace and before deciding my next subject to draw. I've got it narrowed down to a few ideas that I'm pretty excited about. Or I could finish the one that I had started (unlikely).
    Ok! Time to get to back to WORK!

    FUN FACT: Right after a cup of tea.

  • 5-12-15

    Hey! more poor quality work in progress pic here yeah!

    Not much more to add today.

    FUN FACT: I'm giving my bicycle away. I don't want it anymore.

  • 5-9-15

    I made more progress yesterday. Check it out here and here. I'm pleased how it's going, I think. I don't know if the progress photo's I post here are helpful or not. I've seen others post WIP pics and I enjoy seeing them, and the direction they convey. I guess I'd like mine to do the same. Wether or not I should have better quality images is something I go back and forth on. On one hand I want my audience to enjoy what they are looking at. The other hand tho, they are just WIP pics and I'd rather the final piece stand out.
    Anyway, I should get some drawing in today, and that's pretty much all I got for now. Hopefully I'll have more pics soon.

    FUN FACT: Jim Rugg's new Street Angel minicomic arrived yesterday in the mail, and it was a fantastic read.

  • 5-6-15

    Wow, that last entry turned deep and dark. I'm gonna blame it on the cold meds. I'm still taking those cold meds, so I hope the bottom doesn't drop out into free fall again.

    Yesterday, I made quite a bit of progress and feel like it's going well. Often times I feel tethered, right at the edge of weird. Others might say I'm over that cliff already. But, I know that I like my drawings the best when that tether is pulled taut and I'm reaching my arm over that line. Strange, mysterious, but honest. Sometimes the reason some don't understand, or enjoy my work, is that they aren't my audience, and it isn't for them. Unless I have the courage to believe that, my drawings will be pedestrian, and I'll hate them. Or they are right and I suck.

    I really need to cure this cold and get off of these meds.

    FUN FACT: I am in need of some sunshine. But, I'll settle for moonshine.

  • 5-4-15

    I have had a cold for the last three days. I am drowsy, and snotty, with occasional cough/sneeze. No drawing was accomplished over the weekend. Today after digesting some medication, I did manage to do some work. Not only that I managed to take some progress pics of my current drawing. You can see those here and here . It still has a long way to go. Most of the decisions have been made, but that only means those choices will change before I claim victory.

    After some discussion with friends, I realize that I need to work harder. Well, I already know that I'm lazy, so that wasn't a big surprise. Drawing is a very enjoyable part of my life. So why do I do so little of it? Deceleration has been a realization for about a year and a half. Am I running out of ideas? Have I depleted my motivation? I have a reputation of burning out. I don't have a strategy to combat this, except to pretend that it's not happening. But, because I know I'm pretending that I'm not inspired, it psychologically doesn't work.
    My (previously mentioned) friend is one of the hardest workers I know. There is no way I could match his pace. Also, I'll never have his success. He really is amazing. I discovered, not that long ago, that I can only do things my way. That "way" is lazy until it's kinetic. Bored until I'm drowning in ideas. I lose interest moments after I begin. In order for me to make satisfactory work, it is necessary for me to be focused. It can be a detriment to sit down and put in hours and punch a clock. Things get sloppy, and dull, and it shows. I have a deadline and I know what I need to do to meet that deadline.

    FUN FACT: Snot everywhere. everywhere.

  • 4-28-15

    Hello again, hello.
    since my last post here in the Beet Eaters, I have been drawing and second guessing. I put away the piece I was working on because I felt stuck, and I really needed to do a restart and refocus and find my pace. I'm so glad I did, because I am so much happier with this new start. The first drawing is still within arms length, just now it is out of eyesight. Don't panic. right?

    Frozen Dead Guy Days was a ton of fun. It also feels like a lifetime ago. A lot has happened since then. Including a lot of Bloody Mary's, so my memory is fuzzy. I'm really really going to have to update this more frequently. I will. right?

    Ok, more recently, last weekend was C2E2. I met a friend and his daughter there and we walked around and took in the sights. It was so much fun. I probably wouldn't have gone if they hadn't asked if I was going. I am so glad they did, because it was great. C2E2 is bigger and better every year.

    I also sold a some drawings out of the blue. Now that is the confidence boost I really needed. I must say that between selling work and getting random unexpected encouragement, I've gotten a pretty good recharge this past weekend.

    FUN FACT: here is a link to my Frozen Dead Guy weekend.
    The Adventures of Jacob C.'s Colorado Adventure

    Also check out my friend Mike Geno's website

    AND, another friend of mine is Alain Douglas Park. You can read one of his short stories Stephanie Says at
    Four Way Review

  • 3-1-15

    Some of you out there may be asking yourself "where has Jacob been the last month?", and "I come here every day for updates on one of my favorite artist, and there hasn't been one for soooo long". Well the answer is, I've been right here (and in California for a week, but the rest of the time right here). Again, I'd like to apologize for the long breaks between postings on my artistic progresses. To tell you the truth, I've been doing a lot of brainstorming. With the announcement of my FireCat Projects show in 2016, I've re-prioritized my list of importance, and tried to focus on short term and long term goals. I have plenty of time, but I also don't want to procrastinate and squander an opportunity to do something great. So I've been buckling down and laying out a plan. I'm going to really try to keep everyone up to date on all of my progress throughout this process.

    Anyway, enough of that crap. Did you hear I'm going to Frozen Dead Guy Days? Yeah, you read that right. In a week and a half, I'll be in Nederland, CO doing who knows what (seriously, I've never been before, and I have no idea what I've gotten myself into, but I'm pretty sure I'll love every minute of it). Besides being the artist you all Love and Fear, I also am a beer critic for Jacob's Brand New Beer Critic Blog. So, it'll be a working holiday (as most are for me these days).

    FUN FACT: Since we have last spoken, I've been introduced to Settlers of Catan, I've finally watched the movie Prometheus, and have read 3/4 of the book The Martian by Andy Weir. now you are completely up to date.

  • 1-23-15

    I have some news! I entered The Batman drawing I did early last year, Titled have you some milk, into a juried charity auction for the Inspiration Corporation event One Inspired Evening. The drawing was selected by the jury for entrance into the auction at the fundraiser gala. There are also prizes awarded by the jury, and my drawing won first place, which includes a show at Firecat Projects here in Chicago in 2016, as well as being highlighted at the event!

    I feel very honored to be a participant in this event for such a good cause.

    One Inspired Evening is February 28th



  • 1-12-15

    Because of my slow down every fall, it sometimes takes me a little longer to get my motor started in the new year. I feel like I'm back on track. Progress is being made on my current drawing. The cold weather last week has kept me indoors in close proximity to my table, so my time was used efficiently. I'm still only on the preliminary sketching portion of my drawing process. As soon as I break out the paint and begin coloring, I will add some WIP pics. I have big plans for drawings this year. I need to get my ass in gear. Also I need a space helmet.

    FUN FACT: I'd like to take a 7 mile hike this morning before going to the grocery store. I have just finished my 2nd large cup of green tea and I'll most likely have to "emergency pee" twenty steps from my front door.

    FUN FACT 2: I had pizza with donuts two meals in a row, this past weekend.

  • 1-1-15

    New Year, same plan.

    Last year about this time, I had pretty high hopes, and lofty yet attainable goals. Ok, so maybe I fell short somewhat. A few of my drawings took me a little longer than I had hoped, because of the complexity of design (or boredom and indecision part way through). I plan to tweak things slightly by simplifying my ideas and keeping my drawings smaller and not over reaching.
    As you can read, I'm not the best self promoter, that probably won't change, but I will be more productive and get out to see more galleries in 2015.

    Anyway, last year started and ended with my drawings in group shows. I have absolutely no complaints with that. I am incredibly appreciative, for the opportunity, to those who deemed my work worthy to be seen. Thank you.

    FUN FACT: My better and I have been marathon watching (and really enjoying) Call the Midwife. I recommend it, for whatever that's worth.

  • 12-20-14

    Alright, I finished the drawing I started earlier this year and forgot about.
    I need to decide if I'm going to try and hammer out some more previous unfinished, recently found, drawings, or start something new.
    Right now I'm almost thinking that completing unfinished drawings seems like the right path. It will artificially increase my productivity output for the year (and boast my confidence by fooling myself into thinking that I actually did something) This way I can get a fresh start on January 1st.

    ok that's what I'll do then.

    FUN FACT: Tonight we are going to watch The Holy Mountain (my first time), and eat some fudge. Imaybeaddictedtofudge

  • 12-17-14

    Oh, Hey there.

    I know, It's been a while. I have not been busy, I have barely done any work since I mailed my drawing to Brooklyn. Well, I did finish the drawing I had been working on at the time jacobcrose.com/artwork/3654503_Drawing_… , but besides that, I've been pretty lazy. I went through my notes and list to narrow down what I want to draw next. I made a decision, and then I found a drawing that I started early last spring that went unfinished. So, that's what I have been working on the past couple of weeks. It's a Buck Rogers Ray gun that I have drawn before. It was suppose to go in a show that fell through, so I put it away to work on something else, and I forgot all about it. It's not a bad drawing, not really exciting, but technically it's fine. I hope to finish it this week. I'll post it and try to get back on track.

    FUN FACT: Yes, I ate all of the fudge. There is no more fudge.

  • 11-11-14

    I'm going to have a drawing in a show in Brooklyn, in a couple weeks.
    The opening is on Wednesday, December 3rd, and it's at South 4th Bar, 90 S 4th St, Brooklyn, New York.

    The Title of the show is Flight Moves, and it's curated by Rochelle Fainstein.

    If you are on the facebook go here www.facebook.com/events/822780071078771…


    FUN FACT: I should really mail this drawing to Brooklyn, for a show I'm going to be in.

  • 11-6-14

    My current drawing is coming along. Slowly though. There are a few areas on it that need attention, that I have been avoiding. I sit down and tell myself that I'm going to focus on this aspect of the drawing, and don't. Eventually I'll need to get around to it. It's not like I'm scared. I'm not scared, imnot. You know, there are just things that need to look right in order for it to appear correct. Does that make sense?
    I'm not much closer to posting preview pics. I took a couple with my phone, but I'm just not ready to share them yet. I don't know. It's not like I'm not happy with how it's going. The middle stage is fraught with anxiety. It could work itself out or it could go to shit. I wish I had someone to blame. That's not true.

    ok, it's time for your favorite segment!!!!!

    FUN FACT: I bought this lamano21.com/?merch=recidivist-vol-iv
    And here is a friend, James Healy's new website. You should check it out, he is really really talented. www.armyknife.org/

  • 10-21-14

    I got a little behind over the weekend. The plan is to make up for that starting today. I am still far from showing any preview pics of my current drawing, but I assure you that it is underway. The past weekend was foggy, and yesterday I explored the Field Museum with a buddy and snapped a few photos for possible future drawings.
    Now that I've returned from my 6 mile hike, and got a belly full of Chinese leftovers, plus a cup of tea, it's time to get to work.

    FUN FACT: What does someone wear when attending an event to hear/see Boy George DJ in a contemporary art museum? No need to write in. Just believe the answer, and transmission will be received through my extrasensory presentimentaly cursed cowlick.

  • 10-15-14

    It's Wednesday, I just got back from a 6 mile hike. It's damp outside, but not as moist as it has been the last couple of days. Everything is dark and properly saturated, perfect for the Twin Peaks soundtrack in the old headphones.
    This past Sunday, I went out to cheer on a friend who was running in the Chicago Marathon. He looked great. I was a little jealous I wasn't out there with him. But, those days are long behind me.
    The phone cover drawing was fun to do. Since then, I've been trying to narrow down what I want to draw next. I'm pretty sure what I want make, but I want to be sure. I will come to a decision today, and begin making my preliminary preparations.

    FUN FACT: I need food. Breakfast veggie chilly, with a fried egg on top it is! HOT SAUCE

  • 10-11-14

    So, I finished my drawing for my phone cover. You can see a (shitty) photo of it if you click on this link jacobcrose.com/artwork/3620520.html which will take you to the small quick sketches folder on the My Drawings page. Jesus, that's confusing.
    Anyway, I uploaded two versions of the image to Society 6. Because of the way they cropped the image for the phone case, it cut off the bottom half of the drawing, but it looked ok as a phone "skin", so I left it, and re-cropped the image and up loaded it 2nd time so it also worked as a case.
    In conclusion, if you click on the links below they will take you to a case and a skin. But just so we are clear, I'm not an illustrator or a graphic designer, and I'm not trying to get you to buy these. I'm just telling you what I've been up to. This whole exercise was for me to have a case with my drawing on it. I encourage everyone make your own stuff and I'm definitely not promoting Society 6 or anyone else. Do you.
    just create.

    SKIN society6.com/jacobcrose/rabbit-eight_ph…

    CASE society6.com/jacobcrose/rabbit-8-e4v_ip…

    FUN FACT: It's 3pm on a Saturday afternoon. now what?

  • 10-10-14

    I've been working on an image for a cover for my new cell phone, the last few days.
    This could be a disaster. It is currently a pencil drawing on white 4 ply bristol board paper. My intention is for it to remain a pencil drawing. When/if you see it here posted to my website and it's painted, then the pencil drawing went horribly wrong and I decided to "fix" it by painting it. If you never see this image I am creating for a cell phone cover, then it was destroyed, and it shall never be mentioned again. NEVER!

    FUN FACT: Yesterday, I went to the store and picked up too many delicious pumpkin products. (((((or not enough?)))))

  • 10-5-14

    So, I managed to finish my octopus drawing a little ahead of schedule. At least, I'm satisfied with my stoping point.
    Here's a link to the image (or you can just go to the "My Drawings" link here on the website. jacobcrose.com/artwork/3615783_Study_of…

    Anyway, I plan to change gears a little and attempt a pencil drawing for a phone cover. I don't plan on making a habit of it, but it might be a nice palate cleanser.

    FUN FACT: I'm hungry. what am I gonna eat? A: pumpkin seeds.

  • 10-4-14

    Much work was done today. It is easy to sit down and draw on a gloomy, chilly, Chicago Autumn day. I didn't even leave our condo today. That is really the plan for tomorrow as well. I'll get a photo snapped and uploaded here to post to the website. It's getting pretty close, I think.
    Right now I'm watching season 3, episode 09, of the Linda Carter Wonder Woman television show. The episode guest stars Albert Popwell. I go back and forth on the 70's. That decade is really hard to take seriously. It's wacky, which I tend to enjoy though. Tonight on Svengoolie is The Incredibly Shrinking Man (1957).
    And that completes Jacob's television schedule for tonight.

    FUN FACT: Putting on another sweater while warming up some cider, is what I do when I am freezing my ass off.

  • 10-3-14

    Preview pic just added this morning jacobcrose.com/artwork/3614377.html

    It's coming along.

    Back to work.

    FUN FACT: I've upgraded my phone (which was long overdue). Designing my own phone cover image is something I have contemplated for a while now. I've toyed with the idea before, with poor results. I will keep you updated on my progress, if there is any. Finishing this octopus drawing comes first though. end transmission.

  • 10-1-14

    I walked over to the Art Institute of Chicago today to visit with a couple of friends. It was a pretty enjoyable time, but I really need to get to work on my drawing. Nothing done today. Tomorrow it is suppose to rain, so I'll be at my table most of the day, getting shit done. New photo's to come soon-ish.

    FUN FACT: anyone have any extra ELLO invites? I'd love one. send them to jacobcrose@gmail.com YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

  • 9-30-14

    I know, I know. Where have I been, right? Well, last week takes it's toll every year. I'm back at it this week. Hopefully, I'll have some new photo's to post this week. I'm not too far away.

    FUN FACT: My MRI came back clear. No brain tumor. self high five.

  • 9-18-14

    Here is the latest WIP pic. jacobcrose.com/artwork/3604422.html
    It looks a little too pastel-ly to me, but it is still early and there is a lot left to do. Actually, I've done a lot more work on it since this picture was taken yesterday. Once I get paint on the entire octopus I will add another preview image.
    The beginning of this week went really really slowly. But now, I can't believe tomorrow is Friday already. It's been a weird week.

    FUN FACT: I've been craving pecan pie lately. I almost bought a pumpkin pie at the grocery store today. May I should go back and get it?

  • 9-17-14

    It's Wednesday, and I managed to do quite a bit of painting on the Octopus study yesterday. I'd like to get most of the Octopus portion of the drawing done before we go out of town this weekend. That may be a challenge. The Chicago Art Expo is also this weekend. And even though we will be out of town and unable to attend, I'd like to use it as a motivator to kick me in the ass to get some work done. Leaving town happy with my progress is definitely better than leaving knowing that it needs a lot of work.

    I'll post some preview pics later today or tomorrow to show my progress.

    FUN FACT: I have started reading Fantastic Four and Amazing Spiderman from issue #1 (60's era) on PDF files on my ipad. They are great, but I've found a few typo's (well more editing errors). In one issue the THING calls Alicia (his girlfriend), Sue. And in Amazing SpiderMan #1, Peter Parker is referred to as Peter Palmer on one page. Pretty great stuff.

  • 9-15-14

    The moment you get home, roll up your sleeves, and realize that there is a rubber band around your right wrist. How long has it been there? Who put it there? Was it placed there to remind you of something? You hope not, because you have no recollection of it even being there before. You start removing the remainder of your clothes to see what other surprises you might find, only to be disappointed. This is part of a true story.

    FUN FACT: I picked up some paint over the weekend, but didn't use them. That's the plan for today though.

  • 9-12-14

    Got back to drawing after taking a couple days off. I had a good time marching my mother around Chicago. We walked down and had some Dim Sum in China Town, and up to the Gold Coast to buy some tea (cause I had a coupon).
    Ok back to my drawing... I finished the sketch and I inked most of the important parts, I added a little marker to remind me where the shadow goes later too. Here is a link to the pic I snapped of my progress so far.
    Alright, I'm done for today.

    FUN FACT: I got so drenched on my walk today. 6 miles walking in the rain. and I didn't really mind.

  • 9-10-14

    Well, I've begun work on my octopus drawing. It's about half way sketched on, I think. I will add some preview pictures eventually. Some supplies are low, so I may need to pick up a couple tubes of paint before I get to work on the coloring.
    I'm not sure how much drawing I am going to get done today though. I need to get the place cleaned up since I will have company tomorrow. So, probably not much drawing tomorrow as well. Ok, maybe I will try to put in some extra hours tonight, after all. who knows?

    I have another ear infection in my left ear. 2nd one this year, also the 2nd one I have ever had in my life. Growing up I never had ear infections. I don't know what is going on. They did a hearing test and told me that I do have hearing loss (the left ear more so). I didn't need a test to tell me that. I have had to ask people to repeat themselves during conversations for a while now. Wearing headphones everyday since I was 14 hasn't helped, but also my listening skills are pretty bad. I have been especially apathetic lately.

    FUN FACT: reread this and realize that every P was originally typed B, and every B was a P. And that is a look inside my own customized dyslexia. (Also, Dyslexia is not an easy word to spell. Even spellcheck had no idea what I was talking about)

  • 9-5-14

    So a guy walks into a liquor store, at 10:00am, with a dead octopus that he had been carrying (in a bag unrefrigerated) for two miles, to buy pumpkin beer, on Friday, September 5th.

    FUN FACT: that guy was me

  • 8-3-14

    I'm waiting for something I ordered to hopefully help me with my next drawing. As I wait, I've been trying to figure out what I want to draw and how I want it to look. I just don't know. I feel somewhat lost, or at least incredibly indecisive. Before I finished the last drawing I couldn't wait to move on. Now that I'm ready to start the next one, I'm pumping the breaks. I've changed my mind around 4 or 5 times.

    FUN FACT: ZZZzzzzzZZZZZZzzzzzzzz huh? wha? I'm awake, I'm awake.

  • 8-27-14

    Well I wrapped up another drawing. I wasn't sure I would ever finish this one. It feels good.
    I am going to need a couple of days before I start the next one. I need to straighten up things, and get things figured out in my head first.
    But tonight we celebrate.

    FUN FACT: I really love walking down streets that I have never walked down. I'd say it's one of my favorite things. Yeah, I've been lost before.

  • 8-25-14

    Here is a link to the latest update. Also, the last update for this piece. The next time you see this drawing it will be finished (hopefully early this week).

    I really appreciate your patience with me while I have been working on this drawing. I have no excuses, I knew it would take some time and it did. I get anxious, then have to force myself to take a step back and not rush my pace. Sometimes I think it would be good to divide my time between more complex drawings and quicker smaller more kinetic works. I really need to re-evaluate the efficiency of my work process. I generally like my results, but sometimes it's a long journey from start to finish.
    I'm always most excited right before I start a new drawing.

    FUN FACT: I like jacket weather. Today is not jacket weather. It still beats a Polar Vortex.

  • 8-23-14

    Ok, so I was out of town last weekend, and I have been at work drawing all week. It's getting close. I can feel it. I put up a photo last week in the progress folder, but not much progress had been made since the last update so I didn't make much fan fare of it. I will be happy when this one is done and in the box with the rest of them. I have big ideas for upcoming drawings. BIG IDEAS!

    In other news... we went and saw Guardians of the Galaxy, finally. We just don't make it to the theater very often these days, even though there's one three blocks away. I've wanted to see about 6 movies this summer, and never got around to it. The same thing happened last summer. But, we made an exception with Guardians of the Galaxy. It was a pretty great summer comic movie. I'd even say the best Marvel movie I've seen. Go see it if you want to. I don't care.

    FUN FACT: I drank the last of the Rum. But, I've got this southern Illinois spiced sangria, that I like to warm up and drink, so I might do that.

  • 8-12-14

    Yesterday I added another preview pic. You can see it here. jacobcrose.com/artwork/3576630.html

    or view it (and others) by going to the preview folder on my "My Drawings" page.

    The picture is a few days old, and as soon as I get all of the corner pandas finished, I'll put up a new one. probably.

    FUN FACT: my portion sizes are way too big. I'm sooo full. so full.

  • 8-6-14

    Just a quick note while my tea is steeping.

    Yesterday, I had an eye exam. My prescription did not change, which is good news.
    Although, the doctor dilated my eyes, and the two and a half mile walk home was challenging, due to my rather bright and blurry sight, but not impossible, as it is a route I navigate often during my urban hikes throughout the city (plus, I have become quite the expert at vision impaired foot travel (due to the occasional 3rd mojito)).

    My point is thus, I was unable to draw yesterday afternoon. I skipped my six mile morning walk today in order to make up the lost time.

    FUN FACT: Yup, I over steeped my tea again. Oh well, back to my drawing.

  • 7-3-14

    new preview image...new preview image...new preview image!

    FUN FACT: so, I made some no bake cookies. theniatethem ALL!

  • 7-30-14

    Hey HEy,
    hey, I'm still plugging away on this drawing. There is still quite a bit more work to do on it. I'm on phase three, and so far it's going as planned. I'm mentally ready to move on to the next drawing though. This happens with every drawing I do. Keeping focused is my biggest enemy. I've got some cleaning up to do today, some friends are stopping by tonight. Gonna make a stop by the booze store this morning, to stock up. I'm also having comic book withdraw that is in need of a fix.
    Well that's all for now.

    FUN FACT: Rum

  • 7-26-14

    ok, you can see my progress so far by going to the "In Process" folder on the my drawing page.

    I've reread that several times and even I don't understand what the hell I'm talking about, so here is a link to take you directly to the new preview image here on my website. jacobcrose.com/artwork/3565124.html

    FUN FACT: I bought a new shirt. I like it so much that I bought a 2nd. If you see me, there is a very very good chance I will be wearing it.
    And you'll love it.

  • 7-23-14

    I'm back!

    it's gonna take me a day or two to recover. After that, I am going into full production mode.

    FUN FACT: the greyhound bus is quite an adventure. If that's what you are into.

  • 7-16-14


    can I bring you back anything from Colorado?

  • 7-11-14 (((((UPDATE)))))

  • 7-11-14

    More preview pics to come (((TODAY)))!!!

    FUN FACT: or tomorrow

  • 7-8-14

    My friend Joe is on the Printeer team making 3D printers for kids and schools.
    I'm posting this a 2nd time because as the kickstarter is nearing the end.
    check it out! HURRY!

    FUN FACT: did you see the Germany vs. Brazil match? wow

  • 7-6-14

    Yesterday, I sat down to write a quick "thank you" email to a friend who invited us over for a 4th of July barbecue and to watch some AMAZING neighborhood fireworks. As soon as I finished the email, I turned around to watch the Women's Wimbledon Final and it was over. I couldn't believe it. I was a little disappointed that it was so dominating, mostly because I missed witnessing the dominance. My familiarity with the two players was lacking. It was a weird tournament this year. A lot of the participants I usually recognize were eliminated early (both women & men).
    Today's Men's Final is more evenly matched with two high ranked veterans of the game (Djokovic may have just busted his shoulder as he took a fall though).
    And although I am a North American, I am still glued to the World Cup (despite what the media says about our attention waining now that USA is no longer in it). I was pulling for the underdog Costa Rica, but missed most of the end of that match because I was at my table working on my drawing.
    I did manage to progress on my drawing yesterday. Still on target.
    More work today.

    FUN FACT: ok, the Wimbledon Final is a contest between the two top players in the tournament, WHY is it played on the worst playing surface of the entire competition?
    The base line is dangerously slick. Come on England, fix the court before the game. Protect the players. No other sport plays it's championship on a field/court that is a hazard to the participants.

  • 7-4-14

    As soon as I get a little further along I will post some more preview pics. Because I decided to make this drawing more complicated, it is taking me a while to complete. It is coming along though. I am pleased with my progress. I wish I had a stronger work ethic. I'm just too fucking lazy. I guess I wish I cared more. But caring is way too stressful.

    FUN FACT: I should start drawing... just as soon as this Wimbledon semifinal is over....I promise.

  • 7-1-14

    I was out of town last weekend. I eat so poorly when I travel and the worst part is, I look forward to it. Fast food breakfast, bean burritos w/ a side of beans, lots and lots of beer, pizza, milkshakes and onion rings, chocolate cake. I guess I did have some oatmeal for breakfast on Sunday, so it wasn't all bad.
    Yesterday, I did manage to finish the rest of the sketching in pencil. Today (before the USA-Belgium World Cup Match), I am going to do some inking on the spots I don't want to lose when I begin painting. Then, either later today, or tomorrow, I will resume painting on this drawing. I really like the way it looks so far. The images are a little scattered though, but I believe that in the end there will be some unity.

    FUN FACT: If you have never had a pineapple milkshake, you have not lived. sorry

  • 6-24-14

    Things I'd like to accomplish
    1. work on my drawing to completion
    2. get back to the Field Museum to work out ideas for a future drawing
    3. visit my friend Tom Burtonwood at the Art Institute
    4. eye exam
    5. purchase beer and more tea
    6. renew my membership to the MCA
    7. watch more World Cup
    8. visit my sister in Damnville
    9. haircut

  • 6-22-14 ***UPDATE***


  • 6-22-14

    So, the World Cup has been a absolute distraction. I did manage to get the next part of my drawing completely sketched on. I'm trying to decide if I will pencil on the other remaining portions first, or paint as I go, piece by piece. I am usually hesitant to begin painting (especially if I like the pencil sketch), but the "Draw 50 Dinosaurs..." book cover went on satisfactory, so my confidence has increased somewhat.
    Anyway, my belly is full of oatmeal pancakes, and I've finished my first cup of tea. Belgium and Russia is nearing the half, at which time I should get to drawing in. I'm hoping tonights game, USA vs. Portugal, will be as exciting as most of the other matches.

    FUN FACT: I finished re-reading Akira, and I just obtained Mobile Suit Gundam the ORIGIN vol 6.(hardcover). I love these!
    -glad I made room on the book shelf

  • 6-17-14

    The last few days have been spent rearranging things in my work space. Nothing drastic, but...well, I have two book shelfs and enough books for three book shelfs. So, I needed to purge the stuff that I don't need or even want anymore. I have been accused of a hoarder mentality. My defense has always been, "I'm an artist and I will use these supplies, and this material will influence me to make something great someday in the distance future", and that is EXACTLY the reasoning of any good hoarder. We live in a 1300 sq. ft. condominium, half way up a 60 floor building. Which means NO storage. So, either I use it or it needs to go, because I have no place to put it. Art books are a weakness of mine though, and the other half of the books on my shelves are graphic novels and collected soft/hard cover comics. I'm a visual learner, so lots and lots of picture books.
    I think I have gotten off track here, what's my point?...
    Anyway, WORLD CUP!!! that has been distracting as well. There have been some pretty great matches so far. I must say I have really been enjoying it.

    FUN FACT: FIFA needs to take their head out of their own ass

  • 6-14-14

    We walked up to the farmers market this morning. It is a beautiful day here in Chicago. Drawing began after the conclusion of the Greece vs. Columbia match. Now I'm ready to take a break and sit down for England vs. Italy.

    My drawing is now in phase 2, out of (probably) 5. I'll add a link, to this post, for the new Work in Progress pics, so you can see where it's at so far. jacobcrose.com/section/310396_IN_PROCES…
    The new work is at the bottom of the In Process page.

    FUN FACT: You Break It, You Buy It! The opposite is even more true for me. If I buy it, I will in fact break it. ~eventually~

  • 6-10-14

    Yesterday was spent watching qualified people install our new washer and dryer, and then washing and drying about a week and a half of accumulated dirty clothes. This was our first appliance purchase. It's a little stressful making the right purchase. We couldn't wait any longer on the decision, because I was on my last pair of underwear.
    Today I got caught up a little on my drawing. I also managed a six mile hike around the city this morning before it started raining (incase you are wondering).

    FUN FACT: The World Cup can not come soon enough!!!

    FUNNER FACT: My friend Joe is a member of a team that has a Kickstarter to develop a 3D printer for kids and schools (K-12) called Printeer . Here is the link, so please, check it out. www.kickstarter.com/projects/2001363001…

  • 6-8-14


    Today's work will begin following the conclusion of the French Open Mens Final.

    -Thank you

    FUN FACT: I've over steeped my tea again.

  • 6-7-14

    Well, I did add some preview pics yesterday, of the current drawing, in the work in progress folder, on My Drawing page. Enjoy. More to come soon.

    FUN FACT: like I always say, "when life gives you lemons, do the Neutron Dance"!

  • 6-4-14

    New WIP (work in progress) pics tomorrow.


    FUN FACT: Oatmeal for lunch??? yup.

  • 5-29-14

    I've reached the p0int where I need to figure out what I want this drawing to say. I hate playing too safe, and making work that I'm unimpressed with. I like the foundation of this current piece, but I'm a coward, damn it. Tomorrow, I need to pick up some supplies. I'll be out of town part of the weekend and attending my friends open studio on Sunday.

    FUN FACT: I'm on my third beer, watching some Sonny Chiba kung fu flilx.

  • 5-28-14

    The last four days have been pretty productive. I am happy with my progress so far. It's 12:22 on a Wednesday afternoon, and I haven't begun drawing yet, but I am headed that direction directly. Preview (work in progress) pics will be coming eventually, maybe.

    Who cares.

    FUN FACT: Today, Akira Vol. 5 arrives in the mail. ((((iwillreadthis!)))))

  • 5-25-14

    ~This is a true story~

    After a Sunday morning breakfast out, satisfied on Belgium waffle and blueberry pancakes respectively, his wife and he took a stroll through the downtown Chicago neighborhood they live. The sun was the perfect temperature opposite the shady side of the street. They paused for tea while waiting for shops to open, passing a pop up gallery to peek through the windows. At one time, he had shown some of his drawings with one of the artist on display, and felt satisfied with the progress his friend had made since then, almost a year and a half ago, at the Aqua Art Fair, during Art Basel Miami 2012.
    At eleven o'clock he kissed his wife, again pronouncing his love, and wishing her a successful hunt, as they parted ways. She, in search of glamorous garments to fill wardrobe worries. And he, to return home to his drafting table, in order to catch up on the work he had intended to do the day before.
    Upon arriving home, he put on the kettle to have something to sip while he draws. After preparations completed, he eases on his stool, throwing on his headphones, clicking on a podcast, and attempting something similar to focus.
    Two plus hours into listening to a quartet debate comic books as well as the most recent Godzilla film, he flips over to the Twin Peaks soundtrack downloaded the night before.
    As the third track begins, he realizes his mechanical pencil has become nonoperational. In search of replacement lead, he opens all drawers within arms reach. He always keeps important supplies near short circumference of his sitting position, for seek time efficiency.
    Audrey's Dance, the title of the, as mentioned, third track on the Twin Peaks soundtrack, is a slowly paced, creepily erotic, instrumental melody. One might ask, was he envisioning Audrey Horne (the song's title character, played by Sherilyn Fenn, portraying a seductive, mole templed, high schooler in 1990 (age 25 when the show originally aired) moodily sashaying through the lobby of the Great Northern Hotel, while he replaced the B2 lead of his mechanical pencil? The answer, no. BUT JUST THEN, AT HIS IMMEDIATE LEFT, OUT OF THE SHADOWED CORNER OF HIS EYE ,HE SAW HER! The freight nearly knocking him off of his stool, his headphones flying, squeaking the highest audible tone, involuntarily.
    No, it wasn't Audrey Horne (or even Bob, for that matter), it was his lovely wife, announcing, for the third (unheard) time, that she had returned home from her afternoon shopping.
    With a wide, guilty grin, she proudly and unapologetically, apologizes for startling him, as he rediscovers respiration, his pulse returns to normalization, and urine amazingly remaining in his bladder. fin

    FUN FACT: My wife, unintentionally, scared the shit out of me while I was drawing.

  • 5-24-14

    Tomorrow I will be doing all of the drawing that I should have done today.

    Fun Fact: I'm the reason we don't have nice things. I break everything I touch (or even look at).

  • 5-22-14

    Not too much to report, but I don't really want to go too long without updating any progress.
    Currently I'm doing my preliminary process of sketching out ideas for what I want my next drawing to look like. I enjoy this, but it is easy for me to spend too much time whittling down ideas, especially because those ideas end up changing anyway. As long as I have the big pieces in place, the smaller decisions can be made later.

    FUN FACT: My day/week has gone to crap. It's nice out, maybe I'll go for a walk later.

  • 5-14-14

    I've been under the weather again. This part of my website has turned into constant updates on my health for the last six months. Sorry about that, it's not something I'm use to. I'm slow to medicate, and even slower to seek professional medical advise. Which means, when I do take ill, it takes much longer than it should to completely recover.

    I am ready to get started on my next drawing. But, before I do that I need to finish a drawing I began at the beginning of the year, and has been placed on the back burner multiple times over that last few months. The deadline is fast approaching.

    I will try to keep this updated better going forward. I appreciate you sticking with me.

    FUN FACT: If you have plenty of warning before vomiting, take that time to shave your mustache first. Trust me.

  • 4-26-14

    Well, Tonight is the Opening for the Holy 75th Anniversary, BATMAN! show. I want to thank, here on my website, as well as tonight in person, Gavin Rehfeldt, for asking me to be in the show, and using my drawing for the promotion. I'm really blown away every time I see it pop up in places. It is a crazy amount of unexpected attention!

    Anyway, here is a link to the NERDIST website, where Gavin was interviewed about the show. www.nerdist.com/2014/04/holy-75th-anniv…

    Fun Fact: I'm going for a walk. I got the shakes.

  • 4-20-14

    I know, it's been a while. Did you miss me?
    I've been drawing pretty regularly, but it's felt like I have been treading water. I am working on two drawings concurrently (instead of three), since I finished the Batman drawing. Dividing my focus is tough because I'd rather be working on one more than the other. I don't want to get sloppy with either of them, but It's now getting toward the end of April, and I don't have much to show for my efforts. I keep telling myself that being patient and having a finished drawing that I am happy with is more important than having many that feel rushed. Quality vs. Quantity (among other cliches).

    Today, I am going to post a photo of the "how to draw birds book" drawing that I've been working on. It will be in the "In Process" folder on the MY DRAWINGS page.

    Next week is the Batman show (april 26th). Here are a couple links about that.


    FUN FACT: I post drawings on my tumblr for display, and the Batman drawing has BLOWN UP! I woke up on Friday and there were around 200 notes. Currently (two days later) it's at 760. I've never had more than 2 or 3 notes before. I guess people like Bat Man. It's a little weird that my drawings can go virtually unnoticed, then I draw Batman for a very specific show (about Batman) and people go nuts for it. The attention is exciting, but knowing that it's more to do with the subject and not really about my effort that is the other side of the coin. It's a strange feeling, drawing someone else's creation, and getting a lot of positive attention for it.
    Anyway, androidimposter.tumblr.com/

  • Batman 75th show press release!!!


    **Fulton Street Collective presents a group show of new work from local comic creators and artists celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Dark Knight--the Caped Crusader--BATMAN! An opening reception will take place Saturday April 26th, from 7-11p.**

    Fulton Street Collective is proud to exhibit new work from local comic creators and artists celebrating the 75th anniversary of the first appearance of Batman in Detective Comics #27. Batman is arguably the most popular fictional character, and his influence and legacy is felt in diverse areas of popular culture and the arts. The exhibit will be open April 26-May 10. It is set to coincide with the C2E2 comics and entertainment exposition. This event is produced with the support of Chicago comic book stores Challengers Comics and Conversation, First Aid Comics, Third Coast Comics, and Vigilante Press. There is a $10 suggested donation to enter.
    Works featured are created by:
    Art Baltazar
    Chris Boyd
    Keith Bufkin
    Joe Casey
    Katie Corbett
    Jacob Crose
    Brian J. Crowley
    Heidi Foland
    Adam Fotos
    Elliott Franklin
    Rob Hassan
    Kousuke Kasaki
    Tom Kelly
    Lucy Knisley
    Joe Koch
    Lisa Kwon
    Kat Leyh
    Zach Lehner
    Gio “Nino” Marko
    Jose Mesarina
    Eric Meister
    JP Pollard
    Joyce Rice
    Tim Seeley
    Britton Walters
    Aileen White

    Founded in 2002, Fulton Street Collective, an incubator for all disciplines of art, strives to foster, develop and promote the growth of artists and the artistic community.

    The Fulton Street Collective aims to keep its vision alive through an extensive roster of ongoing programs and events, two floors of private and shared studio for rent, and an active digital editorial.

  • 4-1-14

    Hey kid's,
    Well we are back from Seattle! A whirl wind tour. It went so fast.

    1. Dined on some really great food
    2. Hung out with my cousins and their wonderful kids
    3. Went to Emerald City ComicCon
    4. Paid respects at BRUCE LEE's grave
    5. Met up with, and we had dinner with, one of my wife's friends from SIU, that happen to also be out in Seattle at the same time.

    There were also plenty of things we just ran out of time to get to. Way too many to list.

    FUN FACT: Rooibos Coconut tea is pretty damn good.

  • 3-27-14

    Tomorrow we leave for Seattle. This trip came quick. I think I put off thinking about it until a couple days ago, and now I'm really getting excited. I'm really looking forward to seeing and spending time with my cousins and their families while we are out there.
    We also have 3 Day tickets for the Emerald City ComicCon, and we are going to a live recording of Welcome to Nightvale / Thrilling Adventure Hour.

    It should be a really nice trip. When I get back it will be time to buckle down again. I need to finish these drawings I have been working on for the last three months.

    Fun Fact: our hotel is only a couple miles from the cemetary where Bruce Lee is buried. I may hike up there and pay my respects.

  • 3-20-14

    Today it's back to the drawing board. Yesterday I didn't get any work on my new drawing, so today I need to give more than usual. Since we will be in Seattle at the end of the month, I should really put more time in. I was hoping to get further along on it before April.
    I will need to switch back to a previously started drawing in April and finish it, before returning to the drawing I am currently working on. Never before have I had three drawings that I'm trying to work on at the same time. I can't say I like it, but it's not the worst situation to be in. I do like what I'm working on, so there.

    FUN FACT: More snow this morning. No smoothie today (too fucking cold). OATMEAL ON THE MENU, YO!!! + a fresh hard boiled egg!

  • 3-12-14 UPDATE!!!

    Preview pic added in the "in process" folder. This drawing will be a tryptic of sorts. The "how to draw and paint birds" book cover will be the main subject of the three. The other two will be smaller and complimentary to the art book drawing, stacked to the left. Maybe complimentary is not the right word. Vaguely related to perhaps, is more accurate.

  • 3-12-14

    Last weekend, I worked on my drawing, and made quite a bit of progress in order to play hooky on monday, because it was really nice. Well I didn't really play hooky because I didn't want to slow my momentum. I did manage to get some sunshine and the temperature rose to around 50 degrees. Very Nice!
    Last night it snowed 6".
    I am close to getting some preview pics taken and uploaded. Maybe tomorrow, don't hold me to that though.
    It's going well.
    Trust me (don't trust me).

    FUN FACT: Today's Smoothie - Almond milk, chopped beets, frozen broccoli, ground flax seed, cinnamon, Spirulina.

  • 3-6-14

    Well I managed to get 10 miles hiked today. It's been too long. It really pooped me out.

    My current drawing is coming along. I'm still in the "sketching on" phase of my process. Pics will be uploaded and posted eventually, but it will be some time. There are a lot of lines that I need to lay down before I'm even ready to begin painting.

    I ordered some furniture risers that arrived today in order to lift my drawing table about 4 or five inches. My back has been aching for a while now, and it had been suggest by a good friend that lifting my table would help this. It hadn't occurred to me, but I am not bending over my drawing and my legs fit underneath the table now, allowing me to sit even closer (and straighter). Now my drawings will be able to jump higher and run faster.

    FUN FACT: This summer, I will not complain about consecutive 90 degree days. I welcome them.

  • 2-28-14

    Yesterday I posted an image of my bat man drawing that I've been working on. I am pretty happy with it. I'm a huge Adam West Bat Man fan, so it was a no brainer to make this for the upcoming show.

    I'm pretty restless, especially in the winter, especially THIS winter.
    It's almost March and I don't have much to show. Just a few slow starts and unfinished drawings. I'd better get back to work.

    FUN FACT: Caffeine Headache/withdraw

  • 2-20-14

    Greetings internet!

    (((((THIS JUST IN)))))

    I've been working on a drawing of BatMan for a group exhibit at the end of April (the 26th I think). The show will take place Fulton Street Collective to coincide with C2E2. Apparently it's Batman's 75th Anniversary and I was asked to contribute a piece.

    It's not something I typically do, but I am a pretty BIG comic fan, so I thought I'd give it a try. The Adam West Bat Man has always been a favorite, for many reasons, so I'm going with that incarnation. It's coming along and I'll post the result when it is finished.

    I'm trying to get ahead of the game because there is a second show that I'm drawing a small Buck Rogers pistol for in May. I have already begun that piece but put is on hold until I finish the BatMan work. Plus, I have a third drawing in the works that I'm hoping will be more in range of the work was producing most of last year. I am getting back into painting the "how to draw/paint" book covers that I have done in the past. I have a stack of them organized in the order I want to draw them. I also started a sketch book, specifically for this series, to work on ideas while I'm working on these other drawings.

    I have hit the ground running since our return from San Diego. It's a good thing.

    Fun Fact: Today (Feb 20th) it's 50 degrees and raining. Relax Illinois, last March 28th it snowed 8-10", so there is plenty more snow coming before April.

  • 2-10-14

    I'm back!
    Slightly sunburnt, feeling rejuvenated, and ready to begin again for the 4th time this year. It's my re-re-re-restart. Buckling down, and staying indoors, because it is way too cold outside. I do need to reshuffle my priorities and focus on the earliest deadline, before moving back to the others. I'm excited to get back to work.

    FUN FACT: Our cat missed me as much as I missed her. She has not left my lap since we've been home. And I don't mind at all.

  • 2-1-14

    My left ear is close to better.
    I've been working (slowly) on one of the three drawings that I've started. I like how it's going, but there are a lot of small lines that I need to get just right. I'm excited about how it will turn out, in the (((((FUTURE))))).

    FUN FACT: This time next week I will have advanced one year in age (38). I'll be on a beach in San Diego, CA, reading a book on Parallel Universes.

  • 1-26-14

    I did manage to get some drawing in yesterday. This ear infection is making it a little hard to concentrate though. I usually draw wearing head phones, listening to podcasts, but that has been near impossible.

    The break from my own work, that I took, the last couple weeks, has really helped me refocus and question my direction and approach. No radical changes, or anything, I'm not going to stop drawing/painting and start making sculptures (not that there is anything wrong with that). it's just that I hate getting to0 comfortable. It makes me lazy.

    Changes ,perhaps not perceivable to the viewer, but subtle changes that seem huge to me. Keeping me fresh.

    FUN FACT: I forgot to avoid social media while watching the rebroadcast of the Australian Open Final (mens). Knowing the outcome makes viewing it much less enjoyable. Plus it's too early to play the "Nadal DRINKING GAME". The rules are simple - everytime Nadal picks his underwear out of his ass, take a drink.

  • 1-25-14

    Holly Holmes, and Tom Burtonwood's show last night, at FireCat Projects gallery, was pretty great. Big crowd, nice 3D printed objects. A makerbot and a scanner set up for printing during the show, with a video screen showing the scanning and computer editing process was a very nice touch.

    FUN FACT: Apparently I've had a pretty bad middle ear infection for over two weeks. I got checked out at NorthWestern by a Ear-Nose-Throat Dr. yesterday. At last nights opening I couldn't hear shit and I was attempting not to look like I was in considerable pain.

  • 1-21-14



    Dialogues on the New Plastic


    Opening Reception: January 24, 2014
    Exhibition Dates: January 24 - February 22

    @ Firecat Projects
    2124 N. Damen Ave.
    Chicago, IL 60647

    3D printing!!!

  • 1-16-14

    Hey, I've been "busy" for the last week. I have a project I'm helping with, so my own work is on hold until I'm done. It's a good thing, because I have been rethinking some things. I continually want to improve as an artist. More than anything. That includes making better drawings. I'm never satisfied, I know I can do better. I want to take more risks.

    FUN FACT: I'm over this weather.

  • 1-8-14 +1

    If you are in Chicago Friday night, come by Rotofugi and see Jeremiah Ketner's new show. That's where I'll be.

  • 1-8-14

    Three drawings.
    I am attempting to work on three drawings concurrently.

    You know what that means?

    Yeah, that's right,

    three shitty drawings.

    To my legion of fans out there, never fear,
    I can work on three different drawings and still remain incalculably lazy.

    FUN FACT: How can I be "busy" and still be bored at the same time? I'mtryingreallyhardtocarebutit'snotworking!!!!!

  • 1-4-14

    Is this the first entry in 2014? Damn, the days go quickly, I guess. I started sketching toward my next drawing this week, and have made some progress over the holidays, I suppose. Although, yesterday I was up in Evanston and Wilmette getting some comics, and today we walked over to the Field Museum. We spent three hours there, and turned a corner into rooms I didn't know existed. There were some pretty neat Native American dioramas. I'm a sucker for dioramas. I can't get enough of them. I love the intricate detail in scale.

    It was a good day.

    Tomorrow is when I buckle down and strap on the head phones, start the podcasts, and get some work done.

    Tomorrow will also be a good day.

    FUN FACT: I just over steeped my tea again. If you are keeping track at home, that marks ever time I steep tea, it is over steeped. What's wrong with me?, and do I even know what tea is suppose to taste like?

  • 12-27-13

    Howdy partners!

    Well yesterday, I finished my latest drawing, and I made sure to get it posted up on the ole website here. I hope you enjoy it. Today I straightened things up and got rid of some piles, while creating new ones, as I started preparing for my next drawing.
    I was contacted today about maybe being included in a couple themed group shows, early this spring, that I'm excited about. So, I'll probably think toward that the next couple days, and figure out what I should create. I already started making, and combining list (which is how I begin every drawing I've ever done). That's about it for now. I'm going to go have a cup of tea now. Later.

    FUN FACT: I ate too much food every day this week. It was delicious.

  • 12-24-13

    Well, because I love you...I just added a photo to the "in process" folder, on the my drawings page. It's not a very good pic of it, but it does illustrate my progress thus far. The drawing itself, is still a few days away from completion, depending on how much work I get in. I'd like to finish it this week. I don't think that should be a problem, depending on how sober I can stay on Christmas day and thereafter.
    Not too much else to report. I'm going to try to get some more work in this evening, so I'll keep this short.

    FUN FACT: I love donuts. LOVE.

  • 12-23-13

    Today, Ive been married to my best friend for 18 years.

  • 12-14-13

    We went over to the Art Institute today, with a good friend and her two daughters. We haven't seen each other in 14 years. It felt really nice, and I'd be lying if it wasn't a little emotional.

    anyway, I added a couple preview pics to the preview folder on my image page. I took them a couple days ago, so my drawing already looks different. I hesitated to post then because I don't really like them, but the point I'm trying to make is that it is a process, and it takes some effort to get it right. or better.

    FUN FACT: two beers and a double rye (for those of you playing at home, take a drink every time Jake mentions that he's getting drunk!)

  • 12-11-13

    I stated painting yesterday on my new work. That's today's agenda as well. Although I haven't started yet, but I'll get in there soon. So far it's going accordingly.
    Other than that, there is not much new going on. I'd really like to complete this drawing before the new year, and I shouldn't have trouble doing that.
    Man, this year went quickly. Part of me wishes my output was higher, but I am pretty ok with my results. There are so many things I'd like to accomplish, things I wish I had done this year. I had a plan, last December, on the flight back from Miami, after Aqua and Art Basel. I didn't accomplish most of my goals, nor did I even try, really. But, I kept on drawing, and that was #1 on the list.

    FUN FACT: next year conquer the world...for sure.

  • 12-9-13

    Well, I did some sketches of some ideas for future drawings. The current drawing on my table went unpainted today, unfortunately. I'm a bit sore after yesterday, not too bad though, just sore enough to provide me with an excuse not to start adding color to this drawing yet.
    Tomorrow ,it's time to get serious, unless I can come up with a brand new excuse tonight.

    Anyway, In other news, it's still fucking cold here.

    FUN FACT: I'm having a nice, hot cup of tea, currently. I'm not sure that qualifies as a fun fact. Let's see, uh, um... nope I got nothing. Tune in next time, I guess.

  • 12-7-13

    I made quite a bit of progress the last couple days. I stopped short of getting the paint out, but it is all sketched on. It looks good so far. I've been thinking on my next few drawings I'd like to do. I made a few lists, and took some notes. Do I like thinking about drawing more than actually drawing? No. It is easier to dream about drawing, though, and they do often turn out better in my head.
    I probably won't get much done tomorrow, so Monday will be painting day.

    FUN FACT: Akira in on television tonight from 11pm - 2am. NICE!

  • 12-4-13

    I have made some progress on my new drawing the last couple days. Not far enough to show any previews yet though. I'm looking forward to getting it all sketched on so I can start painting. I have a good feeling about this one. The last few drawings have taught me some things that I've been building on. It's a pretty good feeling.

    Anyway, I know I have a really, really, good drawing in me. Somewhere.
    It's like right there, just out of reach. It feels math, like I just need the right equation to achieve a quixotic solution.

    I've been going through the motions since August. I need something to look forward to, perhaps. Maybe the drawing after this one?

    FUN FACT: "Asps, very dangerous, you go first". -Sallah

  • 12-1-13

    I'm sorry.

    I said I was going to update this more often.
    I haven't started my next drawing yet.
    Slowly, I'm slowing down.
    Without over thinking, I've decided that my next drawing will be another ray gun. It's a smaller tin space pistol from Japan. I have a pair that are similar, except one is black and the other gold.
    I'm going for the gold.
    This will be the third ray gun in a row. Most of the time I need to change it up, but I can not help myself, I love drawing these guns.

    Anyway, we went to a fantastic opening Friday. Tony Fitzpatrick's show at FIRECAT PROJECTS was packed (with people and nice work).

    Last night we hosted a gathering at our place. IT WAS AMAZING!
    I was looking at some of the photos today. I'm beginning to remember most of it.

    FUN FACT: when I'm flipping, life stops on Groundhog Day.
    again and again

  • 11-20-13

    I wrapped up my last drawing a couple days ago.
    I feel pretty good about it. There were times that I didn't think that I was ever going to sit down and finish it. I would stare blankly at it, unsure where to go, or what to do with it. More than once, I completely stalled. I was mentally stuck. Sometimes I couldn't concentrate on what I wanted to do, other times I had too many choices, and I couldn't decide which direction to go.
    Being sick for about a month didn't help at all. I eventually was taken to get a chest x-ray, because my coughing became so bad it hurt my lung to cough, sneeze, laugh, or even breath. The chest x-ray was negative, and I feel much better once I became hopped up on a mild narcotic.

    anyway, I need to get things cleaned up and review my list, to decide what I want to attempt next.

    FUN FACT: I need to get back in shape.

  • 11-14-13

    Well, I've been keeping at it. Phase two is complete, I took some more preview photos with my phone, but I don't like the way they look so I don't have any new pics to post yet. I'm going to start the other portion of the drawing next.
    So, that's all for now. I'll try to keep up my updates here a little better. I've just been dragging my feet lately.

    I might need a stronger work ethic.

    FUN FACT: screw it

  • 11-6-13

    Still can't kick this cold. More than once I thought I've kicked it, but I'm still coughing and snotty. My chest hurts, and that's no good. I'm ready to start feeling better.

    I haven't let it slow me down too much though. After a few false starts (plus a couple self-inflicted distractions), I have resumed working on my drawing. So far, so good. Slow going. I'm trying to get it right.

    Well, when I'm further along I'll post some preview pictures. I'm not quite there yet.

    FUN FACT: Alcohol won't cure the common cold. yet.

  • 10-30-13

    Actually did some drawing this week. surprised?

    Getting back to a drawing I started, is sometimes difficult. My excitement wanes. I'm lacking total interest in everything.
    Although, I have a plan, and today I did some practice sketches for a portion that I want to get right before forging ahead. I think it should turn out very well, but there is quite a bit of work to do, and the practice sketching will continue tomorrow. Then main subject is sketched on and ready to paint, but I'd rather get the whole sketched on including the surroundings before I break out the really mess.

    FUN FACT: Today, besides sketching, I went beer shopping ($$$$), and received a haircut.

  • 10-23-13

    ok, it has been a while since I have updated this. I haven't done much drawing on this new one that I started. I did do some sketches in my book, to work out some ideas, though.
    My better and I have had colds that won't go away.
    I don't get sick. I don't. I just don't.
    I was just bragging about how I don't get sick the other day, to someone.
    Now I'm sick.
    Tomorrow, I plan on going outside. Get some sunshine, fresh air, and a little morning walk in. Stretching my legs, and hopefully getting back to this drawing.

  • 10-14-13

    board and lazy (per usual)
    also lost.
    attempting to convince myself,
    and others,
    that I am currently applying
    controlled, calculated

    FUN FACT: I never learned how to be patient. I only know go.

  • 9-29-13

    I put in the hours today, to finish my drawing. I'm happy with how it turned out. I'm looking forward to beginning the next one. First I need to clean and straighten things up. Then make some decisions of where to go next. I already have another ray gun to work on, and I'm ready to begin a series (well actually three different series), I just need to take a step back, deep breath, get my shit together and move forward.

  • 9-23-13

    No drawing today.
    I'll post more "in process", preview pics tomorrow, before I get back at it. I will begin the background soon, and then finish detail work on the "space gun".

    For those of you who don't know.
    My wife and I had a daughter. Nine years ago she was diagnosed with stage four neuroblastoma. We lost her almost five years ago. She would have been thirteen years old today. Her name is Alison. She was my best friend.

  • 9-21-13

    I'm back home.
    Tomorrow, I get back to work.
    It was good seeing some home town friends.

    FUN FACT: my home town friends are in their late 60's and early 80's, and I never have as much time as I'd like to spend visiting and talking art.

    FUN FACT 2: while on the road, lunch consists of hot fudge parfait, and onion rings. absolutely delicious.

  • 9-20-13

    [[[[[OUT OF OFFICE REPLY]]]]]

    I'll be gone, until I get back.

    Jacob C.

  • 9-19-13

    The last few days I have been drawing quite a bit (for me at least). Trying to sit for longer lengths of time. Listening to podcast, losing myself in what I'm doing. The more I can switch to zombie mode, where I hypnotize myself into thinking I have been drawing for 1 hour without a break, when it has really been 4, is great. It's something I taught myself when I would run long distances. Less decisions, or at least more preplanning, means less thinking during activity. I can just do. For running , it meant putting one foot in front of the other. Tricking my brain, into losing track of time. I'm strangely time conscience, so it is difficult for me. The second I start thinking about distance, or dwelling on aching muscles, or even boredom, I'm doomed. Goals are good though.
    Wait. What? Why am I writing about this? I really have no idea what my point is. Sorry. I guess I could have just deleted all of this but...I don't know.
    Anyway, I put an image of my progress up yesterday in the "in process" folder on the "my drawings" page. Just click on the first image on that page and it will take you too all of the in process pics I've added.

    ok back to more drawing.

    FUN FACT: Princess Kitty Cat is snoring right here, right now.

    PODCAST OF THE MOMENT: Welcome to Nightvale. (it's amazing)

  • 9-15-13

    Yesterday I did quite a bit of drawing. The day went by quickly, listening to podcast, while hunched over my table. I'm still doing preliminary sketch work on it, but I hope to add ink and paint very soon. If this turns out as well as I hope, it will open the door to giving me the confidence to attempt more ambitious, complex, subject matter.
    For me, confidence is something that I struggle with. I'm sure I am not alone. It also goes hand in hand with discourage, and not loosing confidence when I fail. It's easy to tell myself I can't do something, instead of figuring out what I need to do differently and work harder at it.

    LINK OF THE DAY: Burger Time www.1980-games.com/us/action-games/flas…

  • 9-10-13

    Well I did it. I know none of you thought it would ever, ever happen, but I managed to finish my most resent drawing. I'm a little surprised myself. The preliminary work on my next drawing has already begun.
    me too,
    but I am excited about the future.
    I'm alway very enthusiastic,
    immediately prior to the start.

    FUN FACT: It is incredibly disappointing, when you order three fish tacos, and you only receive two. Incredibly!

  • 9-9-13

    Ok. Yesterday I recovered from Friday and Saturday, mostly. I ended up seeing five art openings in five hours Friday night. A rare night for me, but I loved every moment of it.
    On Saturday we attended a birthday party at Emporium bar. Had a great time playing classic arcade like Joust, Rampage, and Burger Time, and drinking with friends.
    So, Yesterday was spend getting back to "normal". I did manage to get to the drawing table twice over the weekend, and I think I will finish the drawing today. I have a lot to think about, but first I need to sit down and complete this drawing first. The plan is to update the website with the new drawing TODAY.
    I'd also like to order new cards. I have been playing around with adding a QR code to the back, that links to a preview Tumblr page with clean images of my work and nothing else. A way that people can instantly access my drawings on their phone or whatever after receiving my card. I have to get some things in order first, and all of that comes after I finish my drawing.


    QUOTE OF THE WEEKEND: "We are going to have to put some fire in our pants!" -some lady on a home improvement reality show

  • 9-3-13

    Last weeks opening that we attended was great. This week there are At least three that I have my eye on.


    Emily Burns at Adventure Land Gallery

    “How Many Feminists Does it Take to Change a Light Bulb?” …

    my drawing is still coming along. I needed to pick up some supplies this morning before I could continue. I am so close, but I can't rush the end.

    LINK OF THE DAY: James Baxter www.youtube.com/watch?v=tj_ui0TtYoA you can thank me later.

  • 8-29-13

    I haven't posted any updates in a while. I added some more in process pics on the My Drawings page. It is taking me longer than I anticipated, but I changed the background from what I originally intended (for the better I hope).

    Tomorrow I am going to attend an opening that I've been looking forward to for a while.

    #404 Not Found- at the Co-Prosperity Sphere- Curated by Miguel Cortez
    Co-Prosperity Sphere
    3219-21 South Morgan Street
    Chicago Illinois, 60608

    FUN FACT: What's for dinner? My lunch omelet has worn off.

  • 8-23-13

    Goals for today

    1. Get dressed
    2. Start laundry
    3. Eat oatmeal
    4. Kiss wife goodbye
    5. Drink two cups of tea
    6. Retrieve dry cleaning
    7. Begin drawing
    8. Fold laundry
    9. Eat lunch
    10. Clean kitchen
    11. Resume drawing
    12. Hike down to comic shop for some fresh air
    13. Welcome wife home
    14. Talk myself into drawing more
    15. Draw more
    16. Catch a cab to FireCat to see the new opening www.firecatprojects.org
    17. Eat Cuban and share a pitcher of mojito
    18. Hold hands (for love and safety) while walking home
    19. Pass out

    It's a 19 point plan day

  • 8-21-13

    I'm a little farther along on my drawing. it's getting closer. Next is switching to detail work. I took a preview pic a last week and posted it up with the rest of the preview pics. I should take another one before I do more work on it. If I remember, I'll put another one up soon.
    I donated platelets this morning, so I'm not sure how much will get done today, I just had a tuna sandwich, and now I'm going to sit down and have a cup of tea (er two, wot?), and contemplate the future.

    FUN FACT: Who the fuck is Robin Thicke? and what science does he use to be EVERYWHERE at once.

  • 8-13-13

    Still stuttering along. Lots of stop and go's lately. There have been a few things superseding making art the last couple weeks, but I have managed to sit down and draw now and then. The current drawing is progressing slowly. I have been carrying around my sketchbook, trying to workout ideas, when I'm away from my table. I've also been lining up my next few drawings, in my head. That list is constantly being edited and rearranged by priority and interest.
    I'm getting close to posting some preview pics. I'd like to get a little further along first.

    FUNFACT: when I eat breakfast at 6:30am, 2nd breakfast is at 10:00am

  • 8-7-13 (((((UPDATE)))))

    I sold two drawings today, to a friend I've know most of my life.
    He purchased I hate the noise the vacuum makes and Jimmy prefers to be called James.

    I could not be happier, and I am glad they found a good home.

    Thank You Again!

  • 8-7-13

    I have been away from the website for a while. Also, I have had a few false starts on my current drawing. I am liking what I've done up till now, but there is a long way to go, and I just haven't had a consistent schedule for the last week. As soon as I get a little further, I will post some preview pics.

    Today, I made the decision to add prices to my drawings, on the website, and a link to purchase via PayPal. I have had internal debates, questioning if this is what I wanted to do. I'm still not sure, but if someone wants to purchase some of my drawings, I should make it easier for them, not more difficult.

    So, as of now, if you click on the price, it will link you to PayPal. We shall see how it goes.

    FUN FACT: I have ordered some vintage 60's era Japanese tin space guns. So....ZAPPPPP!!!

  • 7-30-13

    So, It was a beautiful last few days here in Chicago, at least it looked good through the window. I barely went outside. I'm kicking myself for not enjoying this summer. I did go out yesterday to pick up some drawing supplies and some cat food fer da princess, and I went out and ate some fish tacos with the other Princess.

    progress was made on my drawing. Nothing to show yet but I'm getting close. Somehow I lost a day somewhere. Does not feel like Tuesday.

    I'm donating platelets tomorrow, and we will be gone all day on Friday, so I should put things in overdrive today and Thursday.

    FUN FACT: August 5th is the one year anniversary for my Beer Critique Blog someobjected.tumblr.com/ Currently I'm up to 213 Beers (and ciders) critiqued, with a few more new ones in the fridge.

  • 7-27-13

    Well, I intended to go to an art opening last night...

    Instead, I

    #1. Worked on my current drawing.

    #2. Watched parts 1 and 2 (out of 3) of Ken Burns documentary on Prohibition.

    #3. Drank until I was proper inebriated.

    Not much work on my drawing yet today, tho. Currently watching Adam West, Batman ('66) episodes. Waiting for The Wolf Man to come on later.

    Tomorrow, I will be making up for what I didn't draw today, except during the Gold Cup Final at 3:00.

    FUN FACT: my blueberry pie is half empty.

  • 7-24-13

    FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Blueberry Pie

  • 7-23-13

    Well, I completed another small, quick, sketch drawing of an Adventure Time character. That's all for now. I got it out of my system, and I will begin my next drawing soon.

    We walked over to the Field Museum yesterday so I could get some references on my next piece. It was a pretty good day.

    Today, I will be up in Evanston this morning, for a quick up and back. So hopefully I can get my start later today.

    **ALSO**: I didn't realize I had forgotten to update that I SOLD my last completed drawing (no Job) to a friend last Friday. I am honored to have multiple drawings in his collection.

  • 7-19-13

    It is already July 19th. WOW!

    I managed one silly sketch study of the Earl of Lemongrab, the other day. If you are interested in checking it out, it is in the folder with other small quick sketches. I'd like to do another one, but yesterday I was extra noncommittal. Part of me wonders why I'm doing it at all, but the rest of me is insisting that I enjoyed drawing my version of Pendleton Ward's character, from the hit TV series, ADVENTURE TIME, and it was good practice.

    Anyway. It is really, really hot here in Chicago. Just the way I like it.

    QUOTE OF THE DAY! !! -
    " I'll drink a beer right now, if you want an egg biscuit"

  • 7-16-13

    I managed to straighten things up. We decided to reconfigure the furniture and try things differently and see how it goes. The window is now at my back so I can take advantage of the natural light, during the day, better than before. I should have more surface space as well, with storage drawers underneath.

    I narrowed down what I would like to work on next, but first, I am going to try one or two unrelated smaller studies.

    I was in Evanston yesterday, and while at the library, I began the first, and will be working on it today. We shall see how it goes.

    FUN FACT: I wish I was going to Comic Con this week. I have been twice since 2010. What a party. Maybe next year...
    (I'm talking to you PJ)

  • 7-11-13

    I finished my latest drawing yesterday.
    Today I need to begin cleaning up my mess.
    I get a little sloppy while I'm working and the piles start stacking up higher and higher.

    I'd love to move some furniture around, just to change it up, but I haven't decided what or where yet.

    This morning I managed an 8 mile hike around the city, following my usual route.
    Decluttering my brain.
    Thinking about what direction can hold my interest long enough to finish the next drawing.

    FUN FACT: It's 11:30am and I am just now eating breakfast. If I call it Thursday Brunch, it will make everything A-OK.

  • 7-7-13

    Ok, so I have been watching too much Wimbledon to post updates, but I have still been drawing.

    I'll add some preview (in process) images soon. It has been mostly preliminary work until yesterday. Sketching, editing, making grids, getting it right.

    I changed my initial idea to something simpler. Maybe simpler is the wrong word. Perhaps, less convoluted.

    FUN FACT: I will have a drawing in a group show at Front Room Gallery in Brooklyn -July 11th - September 1st. opening reception on July 11th


  • 6/26/13


    Back from my Whirl Wind Tour of Boston and New York.

    ok, well, maybe not exactly a Whirl Wind tour. We did make it to a Red Sox game in Fenway Park. Although, I can't claim to be much of a baseball fan, it was a lot of fun.

    We also saw Game Seven of the NBA FINALS and Game 5 and 6 of the NHL FINALS, in our hotel room (well, parts of them, until we change the channel).

    Anyway, I did have a blast in Boston. I was let off the leash and left to run wild, which for me meant walking to the Museum of Fine Art Boston (twice), walking up to ChinaTown for some seafood lunch, on my way to Harpoon Brewery, where I drank sooo much beer and cider that google maps had a hard time getting me back to the hotel.

    Now, New York WAS a bit of a whirlwind. We only had about a day and a half to see everything for the first time. We made the most of it.

    Our first stop off the train (after we dropped our luggage off at the hotel), was The Front Room Gallery in Brooklyn www.frontroom.org/. I had two drawings there and recently sold one of them. Kathleen and Daniel were very accommodating on our first visit to their gallery. It was very nice to see it in person. What a great space.

    That was my main mission for New York, everything we did after that was bonus. So, we did the touristy stuff too. The MOMA was a highlight. I'd love to go back there and spend a little more time someday. Also, I wish we had spent more time exploring Williamsburg.

    I'm glad to be back home. I get itchy if I go too long with out drawing. A lot of notes were taken for future drawings in my sketchbook. Plus, and more importantly, we are home with our Family Princess Kitty Cat.

    Tomorrow, I get back to work. I also need to writet an email or two. But after that Back To Work!

    FUN FACT: While in New York, I compulsively wanted to recreate GhostBusters scene by scene. (next time fo sho)

  • 6-17-13

    Well, I finished my latest drawing, and I managed to hike around 11 miles today around Chicago. Although, I had some Lou Malnati's and a couple beers ( someobjected.tumblr.com/ ) for dinner, so I canceled out those burnt calories.

    I probably won't start the next piece until we get back, but I am bringing along at least one sketch book with me to Boston and NYC in a few days.

    We leave on Wednesday morning, and I plan on doing a ton of exploring while in Boston. Unfortunately we will only be in New York for a day and a half. It was tacked on at the end because we had some time left over.

    I have a pretty good idea what I want to draw next, already, though. Unless I change my mind, of course.

    Anyway, I hope you like the new drawing.

  • 6-15-13

    Still paining away.

    I'd like to say there are about 3-4 more hours of work left.
    Yesterday, I got out and took a walk to stretch a little. There was a 50% off brush sale going on this weekend, at the art supply store, so I stocked up.

    My back has been hurting a little more lately, so it is difficult for me to draw for more than a couple hours consecutively.

    FUN FACT: We are traveling to Boston and then New York City next week and I will miss our cat.

  • 6-11-13


    I just received some pretty great news.

    One of my drawings ,at the FrontRoom Gallery www.frontroom.org/ in Brooklyn, SOLD!

    The drawing that sold was I know where to feel, which is one of the "how to draw cats" book cover pieces. jacobcrose.com/zoom/1400x720/2665101.ht…

    I'm incredibly excited!

  • 6-10-13

    -8 miles hike

    -saved a turtle from morning traffic, in the middle of the street

    -worked on my drawing

    -2 additional miles hiked

    -ready for bed

    what? it's only 7:45pm?
    what's wrong with me?

  • 6-9-13

    Well, self-fulfilling prophecy, I did not attend the other openings last night. I did get much work done on my current drawing yesterday, as well as this morning. In fact, I didn't even leave our condo yesterday. It is after 3pm, and I am not sure I will see direct sunlight today either. I need an excuse to run an errand or something.

    I'm going to upload a preview pic soon, to show my progress. The under layer is nearly complete and I'm about ready to begin the more detailed work on the book. Should finish it next week sometime.

    Do not hold me to that.

  • 6-8-13

    For a second time this week, I didn't do any drawing, yesterday.
    Not as good of a reason as donating platelets, though. I took the Red Line to the Purple Line, up to Wilmette in order to buy my monthly comics (I also did some banking in Evanston).

    Then last night we managed to go to an art opening. It was a good show, at a space I hadn't been to before. It was Jason Brammer's work at AdventureLand Galler adventurelandgallery.com

    We didn't stay long, as I am not incredibly social. There were a few people I should have probably said hello to (or goodbye, atleast). I do not excel at introductions, I'm better at awkward silences.

    Anyway, from there we went out to dinner on the way back home. Passed three places that had an hour wait, until we reached one that could get us right in. We had a delicious meal, but I wasn't feeling very well. I was really drained of energy, and I had an ear ache that would come and go.

    I very rarely get sick, so I think it was mostly physiological. Viewing some really great drawings sometimes makes me question my own work.
    That, and not doing as much drawing this week as I would have liked to, made me blue, perhaps.

    Feeling much better today. Woke up early, after a great night sleep. Watching the Women's French Open Final. Rooting for Serena Williams, and planning to get a lot of work done, to make up for earlier in the week.

    I may even go back out tonight, if I feel up to it.
    There is an opening at FireCat Projects www.firecatprojects.org tonight that looks good. Also Archer Loft looks interesting.

    But, I probably won't.

    my tea is done steeping, gotta go.

  • 6-5-13

    Ok, no drawing today.

    I donated platelets and got my hair cut (not at the same time).

    I encourage anyone eligible to donate, to do so.

    I also encourage donation centers to change their policies on who is eligible to donate based on sexual orientation.

    Donating blood and platelets is too important to exclude anyone based on outdated policies. Everyones blood should be tested equally, no matter who you are.

    Also, Please! if you are eligible, don't boycott donating based on these terrible policies. Protest every other way. Boycotting only hurts those in need, not those collecting.

    Thank you

  • 6-4-13

    I just added a new in process image to that folder in the "my drawings" page.

    It's coming along. I finished the sketching portion and have moved on to the painting part. It is starting to be more enjoyable agian, now that I'm pushing color around and mixing it up to get it right. I still need to remind myself to stay patient with it. It is too easy to make lazy choices.

  • 5-27-13

    I'm back,

    with nothing new to report. Still working on my drawing. I am on to phase two. The left side is dragging a bit though. It will pick up some after I get the sketching portion finished and I begin paintng. I want to shift to smaller drawings after this, but I'm not sure if that will happen, as I still have a few Ideas in the old sketch book that I want to do. A less complex palate cleanser may be in order.

    I did add some new images, the other day, to the in process folder in the "my drawings" page. Some pics of my current drawing. I'll add some more as I go along. It's about half way done.

    FUN FACT: I am god damn lazy.

  • 5-9-13

    Gonna be out of town for a few days, No drawing, no updates until next week.

    My friend Andrew Rigsby is in a group show at the Hyde Park Arts Center. The opening is on Sunday, May 12th from 3pm-5pm.

    Unfortunately I won't be back in time to attend, BUT you should check it out, if you are in the Chicago Land area.

  • 5-7-13


    So I finally got around to creating a folder of past and current "preview" images. Some poorly taken photographs of drawings in progress of them being made.

    If you click on the first image on the "My Drawings" page it will take you to the preview pics.


    Alright enough of this screwing around. Back to drawing.

  • 5-6-13

    I barely went outside all weekend. It was beautiful out, and I had intended to, but I just didn't do it. I did get some work done on my drawing, which is a positive.

    This morning I managed an 8 mile hike, I have another 2 miles I'll do later on today. My hips and knees ache though, especially my right hip. It's to be expected, because I did this to myself. Eventually I'll get checked out, but until then I will keep walking. I don't miss running much at all.

    Today, drawing is the only item on the schedule.

    After my tea of course.

    FUN FACT: I put on a purple cape while I draw.

  • 5-4-13

    Sorry I have not updated in a few days.

    Nothing new to report, really. I've been working on my current drawing. I posted a preview on facebook of my progress so far, which isn't very far in relation to the amount of time it will take me to complete this drawing. As usual, I can't stop thinking about future drawings. Always onto the next in my mind.

    It's free comic book day! But, I ONLY left home for a coffee to go at the corner and came right back home early this morning. I drew this afternoon, and I watched the Tottenham Hotspur win 1-0 against Southampton.

    FUN FACT: Today, I woke up (wide awake) at 5:20am. I'm a morning person, but even for me this is unusual.

  • 4-30-13

    Apparently, my weak ice coffee was actually someone else's black ice tea. I am terribly sorry Tiffany, whoever you are.

    FUN FACT: I totally took the wrong beverage at the coffee place today. I was about a half mile away, on foot, when I realized it.

    It was delicious.

  • 4-29-13

    Didn't get much drawing done over the weekend, but I made up for that today. Still a long way to go, but it is coming along.

    For those keeping track, I managed about 9 miles hiked today.

    FUN FACT: no one is keeping track.

    FUNNER FACT: I'm replacing all of those burnt calories with beer, currently.

  • 4-27-13

    Last night we went to an opening for David Musashi Tanimura www.musashimixinq.com/ at FIRECAT PROJECTS www.firecatprojects.org/ , and it was a really good show, big crowd.

    I am not the most social person. There are so many awesome openings to attend. I find that I decide to stay home at the last minute, more often then I go. Last night I was really glad I went. Not only to see some interesting work, but because a Chicago artist that I am a big fan of came over and said hello to me. Only a few words were spoken, and I was pretty tongue tied, but my confidence shot through the roof.

    Over all it was a great night.

    Still plugging away on my current drawing. This one may take a while. I'm enjoying it so far.

  • 4-25-13

    I managed to finish the preliminary work on the right half of this new drawing yesterday. Today I'll start putting some lines down and see how it goes. It will be a diptych, of sorts (two seemingly unrelated images, but on a single sheet of paper), much like the pelvis/corn dog painting I did a few years ago. We will see how it goes.

    This morning I managed to take an 8 mile urban hike on nothing but a large coffee. Now that I've got some breakfast in me and a pot of tea started I'm ready to begin. I'm getting a bit of a late start (10:30 Chicago time), but I have needed some exercise lately. I'd like to drop about
    10 lbs. Not because I'm overweight, but I'd like to keep my current wardrobe and not have to buy all new clothes, which is where I'm trending.

  • 4-23-13

    Well, I began the preliminary work on my next drawing. Figuring out size and placement. Most of that changes through the process, but I can do some thumbnail sketches and make some list. I really like this part. Mostly because I can work out ideas without the fear of screwing anything up.

    FUN FACT: I like mashed sweet potatoes. They taste like dessert.

  • 4-22-13

    1. walked my love to work.

    2. made and consumed steel cut oat meal w/blueberries and ground flax seed for breakfast.

    3. took latest made/sold drawing to shipping company to send to New Orleans.

    4. wrote some emails.

    5. went on a six mile urban hike.

    6. had a sandwich fer lunch.

    7. helped assist my friend David.

    8. quinoa, walnuts, beets, pumpkin seeds, and hard cider fer dinner.

    9. kissed my love and told her I love her.

    10. sipped some tea.

    it was a ten step day.

  • 4-20-13

    Yesterday was a pretty good day. I finally finished my drawing, and then I sold it! WHOA!

    Today will be spent packing it up to send to New Orleans on Monday.

    Tomorrow I need to narrow down what I want to draw next. I have about 5 directions I would like to go. It really depends on which one excites me most at the moment of execution. I spend about four to six weeks on a drawing, depending on size and how complicated I make it. It is important that I can keep my focus for that amount of time. About 3 weeks in I drift and start thinking about ideas for future works. I have difficulty concentrating. I've tried to have more than one drawing going at a time, but that just made things worse. I have spurts of focus, I have learned to time it right in order to use it to my advantage.

  • 4-14-13

    Ok, so I haven't finish my drawing yet.
    It's looking good though, and after making a few decisions, It will be completed this week. I made more work for myself but I am confident it was the right decision. As much as I am ready to begin my next drawing, I need to focus on making this current drawing the GREATEST DRAWING OF ALL TIME!!!

    that might have been hyperbole. I'm pretty happy with it though, and I don't want to slack off at the end.

    It is strange, that a few days ago I knew what it was that I wanted to draw next, and that has changed 3 times. I have a mental and physical list of ideas for future drawings. They are more half ideas that need polishing. Plus my personal priority ranking constantly changes.

  • 4-10-13

    Well I'm close to finishing my current drawing. I am on schedule to complete it this week. I donated platelets today and have had a few beers afterward, so I'm done fer today.

    Looking forward to starting my next drawing tho. It could just be my masterpiece. you be the judge.

    Although, that could be the few beers talking.


  • 4-3-13

    I tend to rotate between...
    1. second guesser, who can't decide what direction to go, so I go no where at all.
    2. gut reactor, who makes quick knee jerk, decisions, and lives with the consequences (positive or negative).

    I prefer #2 in most cases.


  • 3-31-13

    Had a really good brunch this morning. We met up with some good friends and sat down at a place new to us. It was fantastic. Granted, I was really hungry, but I am stupid for brunch foods.

    When we got back, I had a couple cups of tea, then it was back to drawing. I lost too much time traveling, and I am in a real production push, trying to get this current drawing closer to completion. And it's getting there. I stil have a few decisions to make though.

    I have had some junk weighing on my mind lately. It's easy for me to just avoid it and push things to the background or skip it all together. Which I ended up doing. In certain context, it is incredibly difficult for me to take too much of anything very seriously. That's not to say I don't have unnecessary worries, they just don't last very long, after putting things in the correct perspective.

    Once again I'd like to thank all of my friends who help, support, and encourage me, as I continue to pick their brains.

    AND to all of my loyal fans out there. I appreciate you.

  • 3-29-13

    I made the best progress on my current drawing yesterday.
    It might be close to half complete,
    well, almost close to half complete.

    Feeling pretty good about it.

    I need some breakfast and some caffeine.
    The day is getting away from me.


  • 3/25/13

    We took a long weekend and drove south, back to the old stomping ground. Found some new stomping grounds. Southern Illinois has a wine trail now.
    I was mostly blurry after the first stop. By the third, I spilled my wine into the cheese tray while reaching for a pickle.
    We brought back 9 bottles of wine and I can't remember what any of them taste like. Special thanks to Brian for being our chauffeur.

    I'm glad to be home.
    I'm anxious to get back to drawing.

  • 3-17-13

    Did a little work yesterday morning, then hiked down to the south Loop to get our taxes done. Yesterday being St. Patricks Day eve, it seemed much further than the 2 mile distance.
    Our neighborhood ,here in Chicago, started drinking for breakfast. Very loud, brash, emotional, sloppy, confident, packs of green clad immaturity. In the middle of the day, in the middle of the street, all ages.

    not for me. I did my drinking at home.

    Today, back to drawing.

    It did feel pretty good telling the tax man, yesterday, that I sold more than a few drawings last year.

  • 3-16-13

    It is also important to have people in my life who encourage and support me. Friends who advise and push me in the right direction. And those who have given me an opportunity to make and show my work,
    Thank you.

  • 3-14-13

    I began my next drawing on Tuesday. I stopped by the supply store to pick up a few tubes of paint and a couple brushes. A slow start, or perhaps a patient start, sounds better, either way, I'm progressing.

    I was listening to a podcast yesterday, I listen to a lot of podcast while I draw.
    One of the podcasters quoted John Wooden (former UCLA mens basketball coach) saying “Don't mistake activity with achievement.”

    I strongly agree.

    In addition to this, I believe that activity builds experience, and experience leads to knowledge. Knowing how to practice correctly leads to improvement, and if I always have the desire to get better than I am right now, then achievement may occur without expecting it.
    I don't deserve anything. My only goal is to be better at what I'm doing.
    That takes time.

    I didn't always feel this way. There was a period where I was taught that if I wasn't good at something the first time I tried it, then I never would be.

    and that is bullshit.

  • 3-10-13

    Since the completion of my last drawing...

    Friday- I hiked up to Evanston (about 10 miles), then on up to Wilmette to visit my favorite comic book shop owner.

    Saturday- I hiked down to Columbia College to Chicago Zinefest, in order to check out tons of self published comics and zines. For me, it is total sensory overload. I came away with some really cool stuff, and I'm really glad I went. Also looking forward to CAKE in June.

    Today- I have narrowed it down to around five possibilities for my next drawing. Each possibility has about three variations I could attempt. I am starting to feel some anxiety. Keeping things in perspective eases my stress. When I look and move forward, rather than second guessing, usually helps too.

    (((((((((((end transmission))))))))))))

  • 3-7-13

    Finished my drawing yesterday.
    so that means today is...

    Cleaning day!
    Figuring out next drawing day!

    My drawing space is a mess. It gets worse through out my drawing process, until the piece is completed. Then I straighten up my area, figure out what I want to draw next, and begin the preliminary work.

    keeps me sane.

  • 3-5-13

    Close to completing my current drawing.
    The busy weekend wiped me out.

    I'm a morning person.
    which means that even if I am up till 4am enjoying libations with friends,
    I still wake up at 7am.

    good news is it is snowing outside like it's 1999,
    and I'm getting shit done.

    tune in tomorrow, as I may have a completed drawing to share.

    don't hold me to that tho.

  • 2-28-13

    I'm keeping at my drawing.
    I see the end, but I'm still a ways from it.
    Busy weekend,
    we have something every night,
    I think,
    which is really good,
    because I haven't gone out much lately due to weather.

  • 2-25-13

    Had a pretty good weekend.
    Yesterday was beautiful outside. I walked up to the Adler Planetarium, about 3 miles away. For me, that spot is the best view of the Chicago skyline. The lake was mostly frozen still.
    It felt good.
    When I arrived back home, I got back to drawing.

    I sometimes post preview photos on my facebook page, of the drawing I am currently working on. I need to figure out a way to show "in progress" pictures ,here, on my website. I'll look into a way to easily navigate to this section in the future. Maybe.

  • 2-22-13

    This is good hot tea drinking weather.
    I feel like a shut in. I don't want to go outside.
    I get more drawing done, but cabin fever sets in.

    our cat follows me from room to room as I pace around.

    Also, I have recently discovered ULTRAMAN (1966),
    and have been obsessed. It is my new favorite thing.

    here is a list of Tumblrs, that I manage, that keep me distracted.

    1. androidimposter.tumblr.com
    2. someobjected.tumblr.com (my beer blog)
    3. yourglove.tumblr.com (my lost and found blog)
    4. battlemodes.tumblr.com (my ULTRAMAN screen grab blog)
    5. negative-matter.tumblr.com (some videos I've made)

    ----carry on----

  • 2-18-13

    I'm about half way through my current drawing.
    I think it's going ok.

    A couple of updates.

    1. I have a drawing in the TWO SIDES show
    curated by Rochelle Fainstein.
    Located at South 4th Bar
    90 South 4th St., Brooklyn, NY

    The Opening is on Wednesday Feb 20th from 7:30 -10:30

    2. I also have two drawings at the FRONT ROOM GALLERY
    Located at 147 Roebling Street
    Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

    GO THERE! (if you want to, of course)

  • 2-14-13

    -lots of drawing
    -miles of urban hiking
    -plenty of hot tea drinking
    -a little positive anxiety
    -too much liquid confidence
    -way too little liquid confidence
    -even more drawing

    I can't believe tomorrow is Friday.

    this has been a pretty good week.

  • 2-10-13

    Today was dedicated to drawing and drinking tea.

    Tomorrow will be dedicated to taking drawings to FedEx, getting a good walk in (6-8 miles), drawing, and drinking tea. With a break in the afternoon to watch Liverpool vs. West Brom. ,or at least the second half.

    (((((((end of transmission)))))))

  • 2-9-13

    Today I started packing two of my drawings
    to send to the Front Room Gallery in Brooklyn, NY

    I am very excited. I'll be relieved when I get them off to the shipper,
    and I can get back to my current drawing.
    I'm not sure I can concentrate enough to focus until then.

    FUN FACT: yesterday was my birthday. I spent the day with my wonderful wife, eating blueberry pancakes, drinking mojitos, eating fish tacos, reading comics, and watching Tremors on netflix.
    all after I picked up my drawings from the framers.

  • 2-7-13

    Here is what I've been up too.

    - revised my artist statement
    - packed a drawing and shipped it out for a show on the 20th
    - started my next drawing
    - donated platelets
    - watched some futbol
    - made a mutual discovery with P. that brunch and happy hour are our
    favorite meals

    Tomorrow I go check on two more drawings that are at the framers that I will very soon ship to Brooklyn.

  • 1-31-13

    "too early for hot toddies?"

    -Jacob Crose (8:00am this morning - wind chill 5 degrees)

  • 1-30-13

    Sitting here watching the rain through the window.

    I need to go to the pet supply store,
    and the liquor store.
    Both are a much easier walk rather than get in the car
    and drive.

    I guess I'll wait it out.

    The room I draw in still needs cleaned up
    before I start my next drawing.
    That is what I'll do.


    FUN FACT: haircut today

  • 1-29-13

    One of the best days of the year is when I discover that a certain grocery store near us gets pumpkin seeds back in stock.

    I buy them three bags at a time.

    I am passionate about pumpkin seeds.

    Every spring when they run out, I go into withdraw.

  • 1-28-13

    Out of town over the weekend.
    We came back early to beat an ice storm.
    You would think that I would have made time to draw yesterday afternoon, but you would be wrong.
    I had the whole afternoon.
    Although, in my defense (against myself?), I did do a few sketch book sketches and took some notes on a few future ideas that will need fleshed out when the time comes.
    That's about all I had energy for. crunk

    anyway, early start today.
    8:30am, breakfast over, tea poured, ready to get started.

  • 1-23-13

    Still working on this drawing. Had to make some decisions and I made most of them. So far it is going well. I think.
    Also I have a few ideas for my next few drawings.
    I thought I may make the one I'm working on into a triptych, but I threw out the parts that I didn't think worked and whittled it down to a single work. Down the road it may turn into a series, but I don't have to patience to expand my ideas right now.

    Well it is still cold outside so I'm not getting much exercise.
    I am really glad that the Australian Open is on right now.
    Man, have there been some great matches.

    Just draw'n and drink'n beer. Trying to keep warm.

  • 1-19-13

    Made quite a bit of progress
    on my next drawing yesterday.
    Last night we went to Havana
    for a good meal,
    and a pitcher of mojitos.
    Getting a slow start today though,
    which I plan to make up shortly.

    I need to get some exercise.
    My schedule is out of whack and I'm having trouble making time to get out and hike around.

    The cold weather doesn't help,
    and neither does the beer.

  • 1-14-13

    It's cold
    I'm cold

    On a side note, I ate around 5 cloves of garlic with my lunch.

    So, I've got that going for me.

    Drawing is going good.

    I'll be taking a couple of drawings to the framers this week too.

    Donating platelets tomorrow, and drinking tea afterwards to stay warm.

  • 1-9-13

    Got a hair cut.
    Drinking some Japanese ginger beer.
    still found time to draw.
    tore it up, gonna tear it out.
    eat'n a Mexican pizza,
    and a box of raisins
    in my mouth.

  • 01-7-13

    I made it to the Field Museum this morning.
    Got some good stuff, I think.
    I love that place.
    We live
    2 miles from the Field Museum.
    1 mile from the Art Institute of Chicago.
    1/2 mile from the Museum of Contemporary Art.

    Walking around Chicago is the best.

    FUN FACT- I just realized (and fixed) the date for the last 4 updates.
    apparently I didn't realize that it is January as well as 2013

  • 1-6-13

    Exciting things in the future.
    2013 is going to be a good year, I believe.
    I am grateful to an awful lot of people who propped me up, tell me to stand up strait, and nudge me in the right direction.

    I have the best partner a person could have, who supports me beyond belief.
    And some really good friends who look out for me.

    Now, I want to draw,
    so I'm going to draw.

    tomorrow, back to the Field Museum.

  • 1-4-13

    drawing done.
    new drawing begun.
    well, soon to begin.
    need to work on my sketchbook project first, probably.
    anyway, it is the next deadline.

    ok so I NEED to do the sketchbook project, but I already have preliminary work figured out for my next drawing.
    Might be a triptych?

    we shall see.

  • 1-3-13

    ok ok ok
    I'm going to finish this drawing tomorrow.


  • 12-30-12

    Guess what, I've had a couple beers so I'm done for the night.
    Made a lot of progress today, probably.
    Tomorrow I will get an earlier start.

    I'm about half way through my comic stack that I picked up yesterday. There is a lot of good stuff out there to read.
    my recommendations are
    1. Saga
    2. Sixth Gun
    3. Stumptown
    4. Manhattan Projects
    5. Prophet
    6. The Massive
    7. Invincible
    8. Adventure Time
    9. BPRD

    did I mention I've had a couple beers?

  • 12-29-12

    Not much new to report.
    Still working on my rabbit drawing, It is nearing completion, so look for that next week on the website.
    Was in Evenston most of the day today. Spent some time at the library there, jotting down ideas for my next drawing.

    Here is a secret.
    I ordered one of these sketch books from the Sketchbook Project (Brooklyn Art Library http://www.sketchbookproject.com) and I haven't done much of anything with it. It is due to send back in just a couple weeks and all I have done was change the paper out to a paper I preferred.

    No excuses, I just dropped the ball. I had all of these ideas of what I would like to do with it and I never took the time (plus forgot about it more than thrice).

    2013 is my year. Starting with getting this sketch book done and sent back before the deadline.

    Right after I finish this bunny rabbit drawing.

  • 12-26-12

    Holidays successfully avoided part two.

    I have been having difficulty trying to figure out what the current day is for the last week and a half. I spend around 3-5 minutes attempting to determine what the day of the week is. This happens multiple times a day.

    I'm sure when the routine starts back up things will straiten out.

    Monday we cleaned out the room I draw in. Moved some furniture around and I took care of the piles of books and papers I tend to stack around when I am elbow deep into a drawing. It looks so much better, now if I can just keep it that way.

    After Premier league fotbal, this morning on the tv, it's back to drawing.

    ugh, I need some exercise too.

  • 12-20-12

    Well I did manage to drakdlfja;f askdfjkda;il..sd#4$@^$#$ yesterday.

    Then I ran out of paint last night And the weather ,today,may be too shitty to walk to the supply store. Cold and wet isn't something I'm looking forward too. It might turn into snow later, and that is better than cold rain.

    the two closest Art supply store are a block away from each other and a tad more than a mile from me here at home. Which isn't very far to walk, but I wish I had done it yesterday.

    Not only that but the plan was to hit the liquor store this afternoon too.

  • 12-18-12

    today I drew.
    tonight I drink.

    tomorrow I drakdlfja;f askdfjkda;il..sd#4$@^$#$.

  • 12-17-12

    I did a lot of painting yesterday. Working on a life size rabbit drawing. There is a long way to go still, but I'm happy with my progress so far.

    Took a 8 mile hike this morning. It felt pretty good. My hips still feel wonky, and I think it's the cold weather.

    I tried to buy a coat yesterday, late afternoon, but didn't see one I liked.
    It is hard to replace a favorite article of clothing, I've found.

    well it is 11:00am and I haven't eaten breakfast yet (or drawn anything)
    (or had any tea), so I'd better get to it.

    There is a Premiere League futbal match on this afternoon too. This may turn out to be a pretty unproductive day. We shall see.

  • 12-16-12

    It's nice getting back into more of a routine.
    I need to clean up the room I draw in.
    It's is a bit of a mess from packing up a drawing to be shipped out yesterday. It felt really really good walking it over to fedex.
    I should have cleaned up yesterday though, since I had all afternoon to do it.
    I'll get on the ball this morning.
    then a cup of tea (or two)
    then tackling the mess, so I can get back to drawing later today.

    Still need to replace my old winter coat. It's going to get cold and snow later this week, so I need to get on it soon.

  • 12-12-12

    It feels so good to be drawing again.
    Today, I pick up backing material in the loop,
    to ship off a drawing this weekend.

    also this week I'll be wrapping up a commission piece that I started before we left for Miami.

  • 12-9-12

    Back from Miami. Could not have gone better really.
    Exceeded my expectations in every way.
    Met some great people, made some new friends, saw some art and sold some art. I don't have a single complaint.

    Special thanks to Holly Holmes and Tom Burtonwood with What It Is, for inviting me to join them in Miami to show my work.
    Plus we sold a couple robots too.

    Tomorrow, though, I'm looking forward to getting back to drawing.

  • 12-5-12

    I'm up, I'm Up...it's 5am and we are off to Miami this morning. Gonna try to beat rush hour to O'hare. Sitting at the airport at the gate beats sitting traffic in the car trying to get to the airport.

    updates to come

  • 12-2-12

    So, Today I am going to get a big jump on the new commission I started. Yesterday I was in Evanston most of the day, and tomorrow I donate platelets (which slows me slightly).

    Sunday is the day I get shit done.

    Hopefully I can leave town on Wednesday, for Miami, satisfied with my progress, and finish it shortly after we get back. I'm pretty excited about it.

  • 11-28-12

    I got a 15 mile hike in yesterday. Bought some new "getting around" shoes and they seem to be helping out my hip and knee issues.

    BUT, that's not why you came here, is it??? To here about my walking around Chicago shuffling my feet mumbling to myself, as my only form of exercise these days.

    You came here to read what I've been up too in the field of drawing.

    so I stopped working on the drawing I begun, (whenever I started it, I can't remember shit these days) and I began a commission that I'm pretty excited about.

    anyway, one week from today we are going to be living it up in Miami!!! Having never been before I am really looking forward to the experience but have no expectations or point of reference. Just going to do what I'm told and stay out of the way, unless someone shouts "HEY GET IN THE WAY OVER HERE" in which case I will happily comply.

    **FUN FACT** this morning my cat ruined my favorite winter coat that has kept me warm for 10 cold Chicago seasons.
    the dry cleaners lost half of my clothes, and told me to come back later while he looked for them??? no problem, they are ONLY all the clothes I planned to take to Miami in a week.

  • 11-24-12

    Ok holidays avoided -check

    Check out Dr. N.A.T.O.M. at

    tomorrow more drawing and an 8 mile hike.

  • 11-19-12

    Needed to clean up my workspace yesterday. I get to the point where I really want everything I use to be only an arms length away. Not everything fits in reaching distance, so I get too cluttered and it hinders my productivity.

    But now that that is taken care of I can get back to drawing.

    Also yesterday I dropped my Miami drawings off, so they can be packed and ready to ship off here in a couple weeks.

    Here's an address- http://aquaartmiami.com/pressfiles/Aqua12_FairGuide.pdf


    anyway, time for breakfast.

  • 11-13-12

    I have the body of a 70 year old man.
    Hiking around the city is my regular exercise since retiring from running two years ago. My hips and knees are in bad shape. Sitting for too long causes as much pain as moving.

    On a lighter note, I have begun my next drawing.

    On a darker note, I purchased more Cider.
    It's only 5% APV.
    which means I drink 3 of them.

    Perhaps I'll crawl inside a bottle until late May.

    I'll finish this drawing first, though.

  • 11-6-12

    I love drawing

  • 11-4-12

    Sunday's are usually are more productive.
    Today I decided to drink cider and watch Twin Peaks instead.

    I did manage to order more "business" cards.

    Yesterday I picked up some drawings from the framers.
    Now I need to get them ready to ship out.

  • 10-30-12

    To ALL my loyal fans out there...

    I have been working diligently toward future goals, and have a few upcoming calendar events.

    Wednesday, December 5, 2012 -Brooklyn, New York
    Curated by: Rochelle Fainstein
    South 4th Bar
    90 S. 4th street
    Brooklyn, New York
    ((((((((show postponed- don't go there then))))))))

    BE THERE!!!!!!!!


    TWO SIDES art show
    is back on FEB. 20th
    South 4th Bar
    90 South 4th St., Brooklyn, New York 11249

    AQUA 2012
    December 6-9
    Miami Beach during Art Basel week
    What-It-Is room 111 Aqua Hotel

    1: I have no fans
    2: time for rum
    3: I'm a sinking ship

  • 10-28-12

    Back from Danmville

    Tomorrow back to the drawing board...
    to draw.

  • 10-24-12

    Well after donating platelets this afternoon, I had a beer with my late lunch (APV 9.8%). That and a rum drink ended my days productivity.
    Yesterday I managed to get some supplies at the art store, so I have few excuses not to get further along on my drawing tomorrow.

    Here's to drawing tomorrow (gulp gulp gulp...)

  • 10-22-12

    Made quite a bit of progress on my next drawing today.
    last weekend we had a wedding to go to so I took a couple days off drawing and had a really fun time.

    This morning, over breakfast we watched a few Popeye cartoons. I used to watch them with my grandfather when I was younger.
    I love them. They are fantastic!

    tonight on tv there is...
    1. third Presidential debate (no)
    2. Monday Night Football - Bears vs. Detroit (NO!)
    3. NLCS Game 7 St. Louis vs. San Francisco (nope)
    4. other (forget it)
    5. movie ~Planet of the Vampires~ (1965) (HELL YEA-YEAH!)

  • 10-18-12

    I feel like laying down, and closing my eyes, but I feel guilty, so I don't.

    time for tea.

  • 10-16-12

    Saturday I took some drawings to the framers, so they will be ready for Miami in December.
    Today I began work on my next drawing, in an attempt to not dwell on Miami in December.
    Keep my focus on what I'm doing and staying busy.

  • 10-10-12

    drawing to distract me.

  • 10-5-12

    it's 1:27pm. I need to draw but I'm hungry. I'm sure I'll draw better after a sandwich and a cup of tea, right?


  • 10-1-12

    October 1st
    I need to get back to basics, which means back to sketching and drawing. If nothing else I need a pallet cleanser so I can refocus on the details and not get overwhelmed on the larger picture. Enjoying the small stuff enforces the big stuff.

    right now, a cup of tea
    up next, picking up the paint brush.

  • 9-29-12

    Still working on my Dr. N.A.T.O.M. drawing. I think it is coming along pretty well.
    Tonight on Svengoolie is Dr. Cyclops. The movie that inspired the design for the Dr. N.A.T.O.M robot collaboration. It's a great 1940's sci-fi movie about an evil scientist that shrinks a group of people. There are no one-eyed people or monsters in the movie. The evil scientist wears a cool helmet when he does the shrinking and that is where my homage is paid.

    Tomorrow back to work.
    There are so many things I want to draw.
    Plus I received our Field Museum membership cards in the mail today, and I'm looking forward to getting back there next week.
    Maybe I'll bike over there now that I got my tune up.

  • 9-21-12

    Haven't updated in a little while.
    Sorry to you dedicated fans out there.
    It has become excitingly busy recently.

    I helped collaborate on making a 9 1/2 inch robot with a group of really talented guys and it went on display at Art Expo Chicago.
    I'm attempting to draw a partner piece to accompany it but I'm being too careful with it. I need to just roll up the sleeves and go at it.

    Well I'm ready to get back into the old routine and make some pictures and tell all you loyal followers out there what shitty movies i've been watching.

  • 9-9-12

    Lost my morning, by which I mean my day, by which I mean my weekend.

    Actually it's Sunday at 4:10 pm and I haven't done much since Thursday.

    back to drawing. Figuring it out.

  • 9-5-12

    finished another study today.
    tomorrow I donate platelets, and I have a couple art shows I want to check out. Probably find my way to the Art Institute for an hour or so too.

    Also need to prepare myself for a new project by doing some specific sketches and studies next. I'm a little nervous, and I want to get it right.

    Plus I received my Brooklyn Art Library, Sketch Book Project, sketch book in the mail today.
    Not sure what I'm going to do with it yet though.

  • 9-2-12

    doing some studies.

  • 8-31-12

    sketching today.
    maybe I'm coming down with something?
    I don't remember the last time I was sick.
    congested and snotty.

    more sketching tomorrow.

  • 8-31-12

    onward and upward.
    next drawing rabbits?
    or sketches?
    or getting to figuring it out?

  • 8-26-12

    Got a lot of productive work done.
    The rain helped, because I didn't go outside today.
    I contemplated walking down to the art supply store to get some paper but carrying paper in the rain didn't seem like the best idea. So, I drew and painted instead.
    Looking forward to the completion of this drawing. I'm pretty happy with it so far and it's near enough to the end that I'm thinking ahead.
    Finish this one first, I keep telling myself.

  • 8-25-12

    So I was in and a round Evanston today (and Albany Park), (and Wilmet).
    No drawing today, which marks two days in a row.
    Tomorrow I will make up for that, as I plan on drawing most of the day, with few distractions and breaks.

    I did get some references for a near future drawing that I'm looking forward to working on. I need a few more pieces in place, but progress was made.

  • 8-23-12

    Slowly chugging along,
    I went back to the Field Museum Tuesday.

    Decided that I want to paint bunnies.

    Yesterday I did some drawing on my second Buck Rogers gun I'm hoping to finish soon-ish. I think it is going pretty well, but I have bunnies on the brain, and I need to focus on what I'm doing rather than future drawings.

    That's how my brain works, and I'm trying to combat it.
    I'm a dreamer and my mind constantly drifts elsewhere.

  • 08-19-12

    Very productive today.
    I spent most of the day making up for lost time this past week,
    and I think I'm back on schedule.

    I'm happy with my effort and look forward to seeing this latest drawing further along nearer to completion, with only a few decisions left to be made.

  • 8-18-12

    maybe tomorrow


  • 8-16-12

    Did some drawing this morning.
    Since it rained most of the day, I didn't get my morning hike in.
    In fact I haven't been hiking much lately and I feeling the effects of not getting regular ,low impact exercise.

    We did make it down to the Art Institute to be in the audience for PechaKucha. Some were interesting, others less so, but I'm glad we went, having never gone to one before, it was enjoyable.

    Tomorrow, the plan is to draw in the morning, then probably the Field Museum, and maybe an art show or two tomorrow evening.

  • 8-15-12

    Got a good start on my drawing.
    Still a long way to go though.
    I feel pretty good about it so far.

  • 8-14-12

    Donated palettes today.
    Both arms.

    Tomorrow I have no excuses for not getting some serious work done.

  • 8-12-12

    Nearly finished the sketch for my current drawing.
    So far so good.
    Tomorrow I'll put the finishing touches on the pencil work, and do some test painting to try and get the color mixed correctly before I start slapping it on.

  • 8-10-12

    Took a short walk after my steel cut oatmeal this morning.
    Nice cool breeze felt pretty refreshing.
    I continued some preliminary initial sketching on my next drawing after returning home.
    I didn't get around to doing any drawing yesterday.

    Just sat down to take a break and see Olympic futbol is on.
    Bronze medal match between Japan and Korea.

    I may watch this for a spell.

  • 8-9-12

    Started my next drawing yesterday.
    Well the preliminary beginnings at least.

    It should be on it's way in the next couple of days, while i continue to work toward future projects as well.

    Plus I'm really excited about an opening tomorrow night.

  • 8-7-12

    figured it out.
    made some decisions.
    ready to get started.

    I can do it, YEAH!


    good night chicago.

  • 8-6-12

    Gone most of the day yesterday,
    so not much work done.

    I'll make up for that today though.

  • 8-5-12

    Sitting here watching the Mens Olympic gold medal match.
    A nice rematch of Wimbledon.

    Later I'm headed up to the Evanston Mini Maker faire via Red line.

    This evening I should plan out my next directions, and decide what I'm drawing next.


  • 8-3-12

    Finished my next drawing.

    I could probably draw Buck Rogers pistols exclusively
    for the rest of my life.
    It was that enjoyable for me.

    I've got another ray gun waiting to be drawn sitting on the shelf,
    but I have a few other projects that I want to do first.

    My choice tonight was to go out and look at some art, and support my fellow artist, or work on some of my own. I have a guilt complex whenever I skip going to an art opening. I always wonder how I can ever expect anyone to come see my work if I can't manage to go out to see theirs.
    I can't seem to justify it.

  • 8-2-12

    Yesterday I did some drawing in the morning and then again in the afternoon.
    It's shaping up, and I hope I'll get it close to finished next week.
    The next few days look a little busier than normal,
    so I'll have to get in where I fit in.

    I'm not much of a late night drawer, midmorning/early afternoon is more my speed these days. My focus drops off a cliff and the work suffers if I try to draw tired.

    Ultimately if late at night was the only opportunity I had to draw then that's when I would draw.

    And I'd be grateful.

  • 7-31-12

    Drawing this morning and early afternoon.
    If there's time I'll see if I can get back too it this evening.

    Don't want to rush things. I need to show some patience.

    oh, and KONGA (1961) is now added to my list
    of worst movies of all time.
    I loved it.

  • 7-30-12

    Took a nice hike this morning,
    then did some drawing after breakfast.

    Later, I met some friends at the zoo.
    I had a really great time this afternoon.
    I realized that I walked over 12 miles today
    and my legs are pretty tired.

    There was a time when 12 miles wasn't very far.

  • 7-29-12

    More work on sketches for background
    of the drawing I'm working on.

    It looks good in practice.
    Probably more sketches tomorrow, then on to the actual drawing.

  • 7-28-12

    Started some study sketches for the background of my Buck Rogers gun drawing.
    So far so good.
    I made quite a bit of progress, I think.

    Without a working time machine, I can't afford mistakes.
    or to take things for granted.

    I've been enjoying Olympic women's futbol.
    I just started the 1960's movie Konga.

  • 7-27-12

    So far I'm getting some good drawing in.
    Taking a lunch break and watching some Olympic futbol.
    Then back to drawing. Maybe I'll read a comic or two first.

    I may even go check out an art show this evening.
    Stranger things have happened.


    **UPDATE**- a few mojitos and A Shot in the Dark derailed me from viewing art this evening.

    how can I expect anyone to ever come out to see my art,
    if that's all it takes for me not to see their's?


  • 7-26-12

    Well, no drawing today.
    Tripped up to Evanston (and Wilmette) to liberate two months of comic books from my favorite Shop.
    Did some cleaning when we returned.

    Tomorrow, I'm back to work.

  • 7-25-12

    donated platelets this morning.
    did some drawing after lunch.
    watched Frankenstein and the Monster From Hell
    while drinking tequila and mexican beer.


  • 7-24-12

    More painting!!!
    I'm really enjoying painting this 30's Buck Roger's ray gun.

    it was a good day today,
    got some work done.
    We went over to the MCA for a look around.
    And I had a coupon for a lobster tail.
    it was delicious, by the way.

    No booze because I'm donating platelets tomorrow.
    No caffeine either which is why I'm almost asleep at 6:45.

  • 7-23-12

    Back from Danville.
    Back to work.

    I tolerate heat better than most,
    but here in the midwest,
    it's hot everywhere.

    Also, while in Danville I checked out some of my
    good friends David Nolan's photographs.
    Always great seeing him and talking art.
    Wish I did it more often.

  • 7-22-12

    I got a really good start on one of my next drawings.
    It feels really good when things are going well.
    Heading out of town tomorrow for maybe a couple days,
    so I hope it doesn't cool me, cause I feel HOT!

    FUN FACT: just finished the first season Game of Thrones based on
    recomendations from practically everyone.
    They were correct.

  • 7-21-12

    Need to replenish my supplies today.
    List made. Now I need to walk down the street
    and get what I need, so I can get back to work.
    I feel refreshed, starting a new drawing.
    Putting the last one out of sight.

    Finished the pre-drawing yesterday
    and now the sketching begins. While also thinking
    about other projects on the horizon.

  • 7-20-12

    Preliminary work on my next two projects.
    I feel like I'm juggling four projects in my head.
    That is a good feeling.
    I hate being creatively blocked.

    Fun Fact: I just ordered as several monatarily inexpensive comic books. Fairly random in every way except the covers were all drawn by Geof Darrow.

  • 7-19-12


  • 7-18-12

    Did some drawing,
    but not enough.

    Drank some Dragon's Milk,
    that made me sleepy.

    Watching Mexico vs.Spain,
    and Rooting for Mex, but they're
    already down a goal. 0-1

    Going to have some assam tea
    to wake me up, because I have a
    meeting later to discuss a robot,
    with people smarter and more talented
    than I am.

  • 7-17-12

    I'm hoping to finish the drawing I've been working on this week.
    My mind keeps drifting to future drawings, and that is never good.
    Never happy with where I'm at. Always looking forward to what's next.

    Slow down you fucking asshole.
    Do it right.
    Enjoy what you're making.

  • 7-16-12

    Back from Comic-Con!!!
    It was Awesome and San Diego as a whole
    is a pretty nice place to chill for a few days.

    Time to get back to work. I really miss drawing
    after a couple of days being around creative
    people. I'm recharged and ready to go.

  • 7-11-12

    Well, we are off to San Diego.
    Comic-Con 20212

    I'm bring two sketch books incase I get
    inspired, and want to remember something
    later. Or work out future projects while on the
    plane or sitting around the hotel room.

    For me preliminary sketch book work is almost
    more important than the actual finished piece.
    I like the "figuring out" process.

  • 7-9-12

    Found some time to draw last night.

    took an 8 mile hike this morning and
    will do another 2 more miles this evening.

    getting ready to head to Comic-Con
    on Wednesday

  • 7-8-12

    this unit (me) has a bad motivator

  • 7-7-12

    Women's singles final at Wimbledon
    then drawing

  • 7-6-12

    no drawing today.
    the day got away.
    what can I say?
    it will be ok.

    on the bright side
    Empire Strikes Back is on tv right now.

  • 7-5-12

    Trying to finish this drawing,
    but distracted by -Bamboo Gods and Iron Men- 1974

    and of course RRRuuuuuuuummmmm.

  • 7-4-12

    Is it wrong that my favorite part
    of the 4th of July is watching

    A: Probably

    also just finished watching ~It! The Terror from Beyond Space~
    great 1958 sci-fi. Takes place on a rocket returning
    for Mars with an alien monster stowaway. Everyone is
    smoking and shooting guns (even a rocket launcher)
    aboard the rocket. Not only that but one of the female
    Astronauts made a sandwich for one of the male Astronauts.
    As if that's the only reason she was on board.

  • 7-3-12

    "I don't think you're gross because you like omelets" she said.

  • 7-2-12

    It's a hot one out there.
    looking forward to San Diego
    in 10 days and out of this
    record Chicago humid heat.

    need to get back to drawing
    now that I'm in the AC.

  • 7-1-12

    Well today I'm going to keep on working
    on the piece I've got on my table. It's looking
    good. I hope to finish it soon though, because
    there are plenty of things I want to do next.

    It's hot out, but I hope to get a nice long walk
    in at some point too.

  • 06-30-12

    XZ-31 Rocket Pistol has arrived!

  • 6-29-12

    donated platelets this morning
    need to do some painting
    just turned on Norwegian Ninja


  • 6-28-12

    Took an 8 mile hike this morning.
    temperature rose 20 degrees while I was out
    from 75 to 95. It was nice out.

    Got a lot of drawing done yesterday,
    but there is a lot more to do today.

    Two weeks from today we'll be in San Diego
    for Comic Con, and my swim trunks don't fit.

  • 6-27-12

    more drawing today.
    will be working on the background,
    trying not to think about the next drawing.

    until European Championship
    Spain vs. Portugal

  • 6-26-12

    Drawing today.
    patients, don't rush things.

    may have over done it on the lemon balm yesterday.
    Felt a little too relaxed, to the point of lethargic,
    most of the day.
    Although I'd never discount placebo effects.
    The mind is mighty complex.

  • 6-25-12

    giving lemon balm a go go go go gogogo

    also awaiting my **XZ-31 Rocket Pistol** to arrive this week.

  • 6-24-12

    Time to get some work done this morning.
    No more distractions.
    At least until UEFA Euro - England vs. Italy (Quarterfinals)


  • 6-23-12

    Dragons Milk, and pumpkin seeds
    make Jake much less productive.

  • 6-22-12

    Magnum P.I.
    season 2

  • 6-21-12

    as needed

  • 6-20-12

    Flash Gordon: The Peril from Planet Mongo 1940

  • 6-19-12

    Watching 2010 -the year we made contact-
    for the first time,
    while drawing robots,
    I've got a rum hangover.

  • 6-18-13

    Too much rum?
    Or not nearly enough?

  • 6-18-12

    I now own a U-235 Atomic Pistol.
    So look out.
    Also lemons are pretty good,
    but limes are pretty good x 3

  • 6-17-12

  • 6-16-12

    heading toward
    Chicago Alternative Comics Expo [CAKE]
    Columbia College's Ludington Building
    1104 S Wabash, Chicago, Illinois
    Saturday & Sunday 11am - 6pm
    Free and Open to the Public!

  • 6-15-12


  • 6-14-12

    Now that the website is up, I need to get back to work.
    First thing is to replenish my supplies.
    Step two- make better drawings.